Hook Plates Forklift Attachments Offer Versatility

Hook Plate Forklift Attachment

Forklifts are ideal for lifting palletized loads. Their twin forks slip easily beneath the pallet to lift and move heavy loads quickly and conveniently.

But what about loads that aren’t palletized? Do you need to buy or lease specialized equipment? In many cases, the answer is “no”.

Forklift hook plate attachments can transform your existing vehicle, allowing it to lift loads using chains, cables, or even slings.

Hook Plate Forklift Attachments

Hook plates are simple forklift attachments that offer a complex variety of options for your vehicle. They essentially are single plates that fit over the hooks of your forklift. Generally, they are made from heavy-duty metal that is strong enough to support loads weighing thousands of pounds.

At the bottom of the hook plate forklift attachment is a hook with an anchor shackle attached to it. This is where you can attach the chains, cables, and slings you can use to lift non-palletized loads.

Hook plate forklift attachments also usually have slanted fork openings that prevent the hook plate from being used upside down. The only way they will fit on your forklift is with the hook and anchor shackle pointing down.

There also is usually a safety restraint attached at the top of the hook plate forklift attachment. This secures the unit to the forklift, preventing it from sliding off the end of the forks while it is in use.

Benefits of Hook Plate Forklift Attachments

Hook plate forklift attachments offer versatility by essentially transforming your forklift into a crane, boom, or other useful materials handling tools.

When you have a hook plate forklift attachment, you don’t have to stop and load everything onto a pallet just so you can lift it with your forklift. Instead, you can move anything that can be secured with chains, cables, straps, or sling.

Hook plate forklift attachments are also affordable. They cost far less than you would pay to buy specialized lifting equipment while offering the same benefits.

They also are quick to install and take off, easy and safe to use, and strong enough to handle even the biggest loads. Like forklifts themselves, hook plate forklift attachments are rated for the maximum weight they can handle. Generally, they are available in 4,000 pounds or

Generally, they are available in 4,000 pounds or 6,000 pounds capacities, but there also are hook plates that can handle higher weights. Make sure not to exceed this weight when using these convenient forklift attachments with your vehicle.


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