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The saying, “If you can’t fix it, duct it” is a “forklift foul”. This seat is way past replacement time.

As with any chair or seat, when the seat goes so does the comfort and if you prolong a replacement it will indeed take a toll on those taking a seat. This especially stands true for vehicles. The harder the ride, the more comfortable the seat should be. For instance many can relate to the rough ride in a vehicle with a stiff suspension, especial if the surface is rock, dirt, lined with pot holes or worse yet a combination of any of the aforementioned. The ride takes a toll and beats the tar out of the spine among other areas. With forklift operators, who’s job are to be on the handy industrial vehicle throughout the work day, the constant day to day of running over concrete seams, wavy rock filled work sites or rough multi surfaced parking lots takes the same toll on the body.

“Ah, just leave it” also known as the “procrastination effect”. This seat too is way past replacement time.

When is it time to replace the seat? What type of seat can you replace it with? More importantly, how does one find the ideal replacement seat for the forklift’s make and model you own under your business’s banner? Well, we certainly hope to give you some tips and pointers.

Over the years the fine folks at have fielded questions by customers both regional and abroad from all aspects of the industry. We are very well aware of statistics regarding the number of customers we’ve come in contact and the potential customers who are not partial to calling in to inquiring. This is what got the proverbial ball rolling with making a helpful eBook available for you as handy tool to use in order to assist when in dire need of an aftermarket forklift replacement seat.

Within the pages of “The Official Buying Guide To Forklift Replacement Seats” you’ll find information from seat options to what type of stress to look out for before it’s too late.

The last thing any business needs to deal with is the question of safety and the dreadful down time due to an overlooked issue with something as easily preventative such as what an operator’s backside rests upon.

So follow the link to our eBook download page here. All you need to do is enter your first name, email address and click the security box and you will not only receive “The Official Buying Guide To Forklift Replacement Seats” download, you will also be added to receive notifications for future eBook downloads as well as our newsletter with information on new products, specials and blog posts.

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