Forklift Sweeper Makes Workplace Maintenance Easier

forklift_sweeper_attachmentKeeping a clean work environment not only helps provide workers a pleasant work atmosphere—it also helps provide a safer work-ground. Buying machinery equipment for cleaning large warehouses  for workplace maintenance would normally be extremely expensive, if you own a forklift, it is more affordable than you might think.

If your business owns a forklift, an excellent attachment to consider is a forklift sweeper.  These are only one of the many Forklift accessories available on the market today.  These attachments and accessories turn your normal forklift truck–only used prior for hauling material—into a completely transformed machine.  So exactly how does the forklift sweeper work? This article will explain this, along with how affordable this attachment can be for your warehouse.

How Forklift sweeper is attached?

As with all forklift attachments, hooking up the sweeper is extremely simplistic. All you need to do is drive the forklift—aiming the forks into the holes designated on the back of the sweeper—and slowly drive the forklift through the holes.  After this, all you simply need to do is attach the safety chain to the base of the forklift.  Once these two simple steps are completed, you have now turned your forklift into into a powerful sweeper.

How does the sweeper operate?

There are a couple of options available when considering which type of sweeper attachment you would like to use. One attachment actually acts more like a large vacuum, as it uses suction and a sweeping roller to pick up dust and large trash on the ground.  Dust and trash is stored into the base of the sweeper attachment, and can be easily dumped. The broom-like attachment helps clean an area by collecting and pushing dust and other trash.  This is very similar to the ones used inside grocery stores.

Additional Sweeper Attachments

Anyone considering getting the sweeper attachment should be aware that the attachment itself can be turned into a mop for providing an extra-clean surface. This attaches to the sweeper attachment itself—meaning you can quickly attach it right after sweeping.

How much does it cost?

Cost will vary widely depending on exactly what you are looking for. You can click here to view our available sweepers.  Costs for ours is only $552.00, and works both on interior and exterior floors.

Safety Precautions

It is extremely important to realize that even with attachments making the forklift a completely different device; workers must follow the strict OSHA requirements set.  It is important that you do the following when considering purchasing a sweeper attachment:

  • Make sure to designate specific times when the warehouse is being cleaned
  • All drivers are required to be OSHA certified, even when it is operating as a sweeper
  • Proper attachment, detachment, and usage training should be conducted for every driver
  • Designate and train cleaners designated areas in which the forklift should not be used.  Don’t just expect that the driver knows this

Make sure forklift drivers are aware of this.  Make sure employees are also properly trained on how to use any type of attachment or accessory to reduce any casualties.


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