The Logistics of Ordering Forklift Accessories Online

The online marketplace is a wonderful place to shop. From the comfort of your home or place of business, you can find everything from a movie to watch in the evening to forklift accessories for your business. If it’s a movie download you’re after, you’re on safe ground because it only has to travel through cyberspace to reach you. As yet, though, forklift accessories can’t travel through cyberspace. You can order them online, but they have to reach your door the old fashioned way.

This website is a division of Bahrns Equipment. Back in 1966, when Bahrns started business, they chose Effingham, Illinois as their base of operations.Why Effingham? Take a look at the map below and it will tell you why.


Effingham is located in the heart of central Illinois, at the hub of 4 major transportation routes. From that strategic location, Bahrns was able to offer customers throughout Illinois fast and efficient service.

Historically, the telephone was the primary means of direct communications between Bahrns and their customers. A customer would call and speak directly with an experienced customer representative. They would place their order and it would be shipped to them immediately. Thanks to their central location, whether the customer was located north, east, south or north of Effingham, delivery would be equally fast.

The only thing that has changed today is the mode of communication. Let’s place an order for a forklift accessory on and see how it works.

crane scale forklift accessoryLet’s say you need a crane scale. You have a look at the online catalog and see that 4 are available. 600lb capacity is a little light for your needs, but you don’t really need 4,000 or 6,000 either. You decide 2,000lbs is perfect, tick the box and add it to your shopping cart. If you need other forklift accessories, you can continue shopping and all the items you need will automatically be added to the cart, but today, a crane scale is all you’re looking for.

You know how much the crane scale is going to cost, including tax, but what about shipping? Then you notice an “estimate shipping costs” box on the page. You use the dropdown menu to add your state and then type in your zipcode. Several options come up on the screen. You’re in a hurry to get the crane scale, but can save money by selecting 2 day delivery rather than any of the overnight delivery options, so you choose that and proceed to checkout. After that, you can check out as a one-time purchaser or register with us and go on our database for even faster service next time you need a forklift accessory.

This online ordering system is designed for your convenience, but what if you want more personalized service or aren’t sure which product would be best for you? All you have to do is contact us and just as we’ve been doing for over 45 years, one of our experienced customer representatives will deal with you directly, either by email or directly on the phone during normal working hours — it’s your choice.

Although the internet has enabled us to reach a nationwide community of customers, we are still basically the same company  we were when we started out: a team of material handling specialists dedicated to fast, efficient customer service. Amazingly, if you need a crane scale in California, we can get it to you as quickly as if you were right here in Central Illinois. That’s because of the Bahrns commitment to logistics that began when they chose Effingham as their base of operations in 1966. It’s a commitment we share at and thanks to nearly half a century of growth and adaptation to change, it’s a  commitment we can keep.

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