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Use the Right Training Tools

Anyone who is  just learning how to operate a forklift needs to understand key concepts such as the center of gravity and how it changes depending on the placement of the load. While videos and instruction manuals do an admirable job of conveying this necessary material, it is also a good idea to use more hands-on teaching tools as well. In this post, we review two of the most useful forklift training products: the Magnetic Stability Training Model and the Wire Lift Truck.

The Magnetic Stability Training Model

The Magnetic Stability Training Model consists of magnetic representations of all of the forklift parts. They are color coded, making them easily distinguishable, and there are both overhead and side-angle views. The model makes it easy to see how the center of gravity shifts depending on the load, not only from a profile view but also from an overhead perspective. An even more useful aspect of the product is that you can use the magnets to create hypothetical scenarios, giving students a clear understanding of how forklift operation affects the safety of the vehicle.

The Wire Lift Truck

The Wire Lift Truck is less versatile than the Magnetic Stability Training Model, although no less useful. Because it is three-dimensional, you can use it to create even more life-like scenarios than the Magnetic Stability Training Model. The three-dimensionality allows students to see first-hand how the center of gravity changes with the load. The miniature, 4-inch by 5-inch truck has a hanging weight that can be raised, giving students an easy understanding of the stability triangle and how tipping the forklift occurs when the center of gravity leaves the stability triangle.

The Magnetic Stability Training Model and the Wire Lift Truck should not be viewed as mutually exclusive. While they demonstrate similar concepts, the Wire Lift Truck offers a more three-dimensional demonstration, while the Magnetic Stability Training Model is more versatile. In the end, both of these handy products should be deployed in any forklift safety training course.

Understanding forklift stability is a vital part of forklift safety, but there is no such thing as “too safe.” Check out our article, Forklift Accessories for Workplace Safety, and discover inexpensive forklift accessories that contribute to safety in the workplace.

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