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Forklift Accessories For Workplace Safety


Among the many forklift accessories on the market, the most indispensable in any workplace are the safety accessories. These include many non-standard devices as well as replacement parts for standard safety features that are subject to wear over time.


Seat belts save lives. Nobody argues that point when it comes to automobile safety anymore. However, the importance of seatbelts on a forklift is still not fully understood, since they are not driven fast or in heavy traffic. However, accidents do occasionally happen and if the operator is not contained within his safety cage when an accident occurs, it could cost him his life. Many forklift replacement seats come equipped with optional safety switches that prevent operation of the vehicle if the belt is not buckled. One of these has dual advantages, being both ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and having a seatbelt "reminder" built in to ensure operator safety.


Seat belts are just one example of a simple forklift safety product that can save lives. Others include rear view mirrors, beepers, lights and other safety attachments that come standard on forklifts today, but may no longer be attached or in working order when you buy a used forklift.


Equally important are facility safety accessories. These are those products that are not attached to the forklift, but are essential to the operator's safety and the safety of others on the job site or in the warehouse. Leak detection compound and carbon monoxide cards are two examples of safety accessories that cost very little, yet can potentially save lives. For propane safety, every facility should have lockout tags to protect against accident handling or use of faulty cylinders. In fact, propane safety is such an important issue, forkliftaccessories.com even offers a Propane Cylinder Exchange Training Program to our customers.


There is probably no less expensive way to promote workplace safety than with safety signs. The yellow and black safety signs available here on Forklift Accessories can't be missed and warn forklift operators of areas where they should slow down and sound their horns; warn of upcoming pedestrian crossings; warn against smoking in areas where propane cylinders are located; and other potentially dangerous situations.


If it's materials handling equipment or supplies you need, you will find whatever you need at Forklift Accessories. Forks, forklift accessories, forklift attachments and even small goods, if it's needed in the warehouse, you can find it at ForkliftAccessories.com. For even more materials handling  equipment and supplies, visit the website of our parent company, Bahrns Materials Handling Equipment and Supplies Inc. From packing tape to a new forklift, Bahrns has what you need.