Forklift Safety For Pedestrians

forklift safety signWhen it comes to forklift safety, one must consider training both the forklift operators, as well as pedestrians around them.  This article is dedicated towards educating those in keeping pedestrians safe in areas where forklifts are being operated.  It is essential for businesses operating forklifts to consider the dangers of those working around forklifts, as they can be at substantial risk if an incident occurs.  Therefore, properly training both the forklift operators, as well as pedestrians around forklift trucks needs to be emphasized to help keep everyone safe.

Training Forklift Operators for Pedestrian Safety

First, we will look into properly training forklift operators on proper safety procedures that should be followed in order to keep pedestrians safe.  It is essential for operators to be trained and to recognize the importance of forklift operator safety to keep everyone around safe.  They need to realize that pedestrians are probably not commonly aware that forklifts near them can be extremely dangerous.  Therefore, it is important that operators are properly trained in avoiding such casualties.  Here are a few things they should be aware of:

  • When driving a forklift vehicle, forklift operators should be trained to consistently be on the lookout for pedestrians.  Just like driving a car on a public street, pedestrians may be crossing intersections or obstructing the driving area.  Pedestrians are often unaware that dangerous forklift trucks are driving at various speeds along their designated driving routes. To help keep areas safe where pedestrians are located, make sure there are speed limits that are strictly enforced.  Also make sure that the operators are trained and constantly reminded to keep an eye out for pedestrians around.
  • When loading or unloading forklift trucks, operators need to be aware that this can also be a safety hazard for pedestrians abound. Material may fall, and could possibly hurt someone nearby.  Additionally, material can be dangerous because it may cause the forklift to tilt over, which is considered the number one casualty with forklifts.


Training Pedestrian for Forklift Safety

It is also essential that those working around forklift trucks are aware of the safety procedures that need to be followed as well. Properly training those around forklift vehicles is important, as they need to know the proper safety precautions that need to be followed.  A couple areas pedestrians need to be aware of include:

  • Proper safety equipment that should be worn whenever around forklift trucks.  The required equipment will vary—depending upon what safety hazards exists.  Some of the most common safety equipment that needs to be worn includes hard hats, safety eyewear, as well as steel boots.
  • Those around forklift vehicles should also be trained where safety hazards exist.  There should be allocated locations pedestrians should be required to travel. Just like sidewalks are locations where pedestrians know where they are safe, there should also be areas within the work environment that are clearly indicated where pedestrians are allowed to walk.

Make Sure All Workers are Trained when an Incident Occurs

In the unfortunate circumstance a forklift incident occurs, employees (both operators and pedestrians) should be properly trained in how to proceed.  This includes contacting everyone required when an incident occurs, as well as training workers on proper use of first aid kits.

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