Forklift Driver Jobs Appear More Plentiful In U.S.

As the world tries to reopen business during a COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that forklift driver jobs are more plentiful in the United States and Australia, but not so available in The UK.

More jobs for forklift drivers in U.S.

Demand for forklift drivers appears to be up in U.S. and Australia. (Courtesy: lindsayholley at

According to a report in, a staffing agency in Kern County, California was seeking forklift drivers for more than 40 warehouses.

It is reported that the vacancies are throughout Bakersfield north to Button Willow. Salaries are said to be in the range of $14 to $16 an hour.

Forklift driver jobs were also being offered at a recent job fair in Somerset, Kentucky. Resource MFG, located there, was seeking drivers for jobs in the manufacturing trade.

Hobart, Indiana, is home for materials handling manufacturer Daifuku. Recently the company promoted that it planned to hire dozens of people in July and hundreds more into the next few years.

According to reports, Daifuku was experiencing an increase in demand for its conveyor equipment. As a result, said a spokesman, the company expects its production facility to about double in size, requiring the hire and training of from 500 to 600 people.

Meanwhile, reports out of Australia indicate that there is an increase in demand for people with forklift licenses. The demand for forklift drivers is said to be greater than for people with bachelor’s degrees. According to The Australian Financial Review, businesses are seeking people to operate vehicles and mechanized equipment, top skills in demand now.

Depressed Market For UK Forklift Driver Jobs

In The UK, there has been a spike in online searches for forklift driver jobs. There has been a jump of people looking for forklift driver jobs of up to 239 percent.

The Mirror, a UK newspaper, reports that the Coronavirus has made it difficult for anyone to find a job in the UK. It is expected to get worse with more than 2 million British workers expected to be unemployed during the next few months.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of paid workers in the UK has fallen to 649,000 between March and June. It is reported that about 74,000 people have lost their job in July. Forklift jobs were among the most popular online searches.


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