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spht-500s-dw_aIt is obvious that one of the most important tasks of a warehouse operation is to move products from one place to another. Warehouse personnel are well aware of items that perform this activity. They include a wide assortment of items from forklifts to hand trucks.

Forklift Accessories carries nine styles of hand trucks. Each is designed to help workers move boxes or other items. To help workers have a better understanding of the hand trucks Forklift Accessories carries, below are frequently asked questions concerning the use of hand trucks.

Q: What are the different styles of hand trucks?
A: Forklift Accessories carry nine styles of hand trucks. They include Dual Handle Steel Hand trucks, Dual Handle Aluminum Hand Trucks, Steel “P” Handle Hand Trucks, Aluminum “P” Handle Hand Trucks, Stainless Steel “P” Handle Hand Trucks, Fiber/Nylon Lightweight Hand Trucks, Appliance Carts, Plastic Pallet Truck Caddies, and All-Terrain Pallet Truck.

Q: Is each style designed for specific applications?
A: Yes. For example, “P” handle hand trucks feature a curved “P” shaped handle that comes out from the center of the truck body. They offer more handling options as well as better control on unstable surfaces. They also provide greater stability when the worker has to push the truck with one hand and keep the other hand free. They are ideal for moving heavier loads

Q: What should I consider when choosing the proper hand truck?
A: Some things to consider include the wheels, the fabrication and the size of the load the truck is expected to carry.

Q: What should I look for in the wheels?
A: Some hand trucks feature stair climber wheels. These wheels are designed to make it easier for a worker to maneuver a truck up and down stairs. However, these types of wheels can cause problems when a workman using the truck tries to turn on flat ground. That’s because the wheels are in a fixed position. There are other styles of wheels you can choose as an option than the standard wheels. When choosing wheels consider the type, the handle type and the size as well as the task you want the hand truck to perform. Consult with the salesperson when selecting a hand truck to assure that it has the proper wheels for your application.

Q: What do I need to keep in mind when considering the fabrication of the hand truck?
A: The type of metal and construction of the hand truck can assist in moving specific types of products. For example, a warehouse that inventories beverages and food service products should use a rugged, very lightweight hand truck. These trucks are constructed from two extruded aluminum channel side rails and cast aluminum or magnesium parts. Steel hand trucks are ideal for general tasks and are the least expensive. Aluminum hand trucks are lighter in weight and weather resistant. However, they are a little bit more expensive than steel trucks. Stainless steel “P” shaped hand trucks do not corrode. So they are used often in corrosive environments like a freezer. If you need a hand truck for applications that are less than heavy-duty, then you should consider a specialty truck. Consult with the salesperson concerning the proper selection of hand trucks for your specific needs.

Q: What about the load?
A: The size of the load must be considered with the length of the toe plate or nose plate. People familiar with the use of hand trucks suggest that the toe or nose should be one-third the length of the load.

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