How to Choose a Hand Truck

We don’t think much about hand trucks until we can’t find one when we need it. Only then do we realize that hand trucks are indispensable forklift accessories. When you consider how little hand trucks cost and how much they can do, it’s worth taking a closer look at the types of hand trucks that are available and choose a hand truck that is right for the job or even have a few different types of hand trucks available for special needs.

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 Dual Handle Hand Trucks

Aluminum dual handle hand trucks

Aluminum dual handle hand trucks

You can find dual handle hand trucks in almost every work place in the United States. They’re so common, in fact, you can even find them lying neglected in the back of a lot of garages and backyard sheds. Their design is simplicity itself. Two padded handles are set at just the right angle and height for moving when the hand truck is tilted back.

If you need a basic hand truck that has to be more portable and weather-resistant as well, it’s well worth it to spend a little more and buy a dual handle aluminum hand truck. Light weight aluminum makes it easier to lift the hand truck and aluminum won’t rust like metal. Choose between pneumatic or solid rubber tires, depending on your needs.

“P” Handle Hand Trucks

“P” handle hand trucks have a curved “p” shaped handle protruding from the center of the truck body. They give users more handling options and better control on unstable ground. A “P” handle hand truck is also ideal for situations where you need to keep one hand free while using the hand truck.

“P” handle hand trucks are preferred in industrial and warehouse settings where hand trucks are routinely used for moving heavier loads. They’re made from three different materials:

  1. Steel hand trucks are ideal for general purposes and are the least expensive.
  2. Aluminum hand trucks are a little more expensive than steel, but their light weight and weather resistance makes them worth the small extra cost in many situations.
  3. Stainless steel “P” shaped hand trucks are a must in corrosive environments, such as freezers.

“P” handle hand trucks come with either pneumatic or solid rubber tires.

Specialty Hand Trucks

Dual handle and “P” handle hand trucks will take care of most of your needs, but may be more than you need for some types of jobs or not quite heavy-duty enough for other types of jobs. If that’s the case, you might need a specialty hand truck.

Appliance cart

Appliance cart

Appliance trucks are specially designed for moving heavy appliances, but are ideal for all heavier and more awkward loads. A strap and tension bar hold heavy and bulky items firmly in place and the hand truck is designed for moving loads up and down stairs and across uneven surfaces.

On the other end of the scale, a fiber/nylon lightweight hand truck is ideal for settings where you need to frequently and easily move lightweight items from place to place. Although light in weight, their fiber/nylon construction is as tough as steel.



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