FAQs Coil-Lifting Rams

Class II Carriage Mounted Coil/Carpet Ram.

Class II Carriage Mounted Coil/Carpet Ram.

There are a plethora of accessory attachments that can be used to expand the capability of a forklift. One of the most important are carpet poles and coil-lifitng rams. The coil-lifting rams give a common lift truck the ability to lift rugs or other materials that come in bundles with a hollow core.

What follows are some frequently asked questions concerning coil-lifting rams. It is hoped that the answers will enlighten you as to the practicality of this accessory.

Q: What are coil-lifting rams?
A: The coil-lifting ram, also known as a carpet pole, gives a common forklift the ability to lift and transport carpet rolls or large, heavy coils including heavy rolled steel. It features a single extremely strong cylinder that attaches to the front of the lift.

Q: Does coil-lifting rams come in different sizes?
A: The ram or pole comes in an assortment of dimensions and lengths and will assist the forklift to lift as much as a 5,500-pound coil.

Coil lifting ram for a fork mounted forklift.

Fork mount coil lifting ram.

Q: Are there different styles?
A: Yes. There are two styles –- a carriage mount and a fork mount.

Q: What is included with the ram?
A: The rams can be rotated and feature a 2-3/4-inch diameter high strength replaceable pole with tapered tip to help transport heavy carpet rolls.

Q: What is the ram made of?
A: The units are made of steel and painted blue.

Q: What lengths are available?
A: Both the fork mounted and carriage rams come in lengths of 108-inches, 120-inches, and 144-inches.

Q: What capacities are available?
A: Both styles include rams that can lift 1,800-pounds, 2,200-pounds, and 2,500-pounds.

Coil lifting ram for a fork mounted forklift.

Fork mount Coil lifting ram.

Q: How much do the rams weigh?
A: Fork mounted rams are 389-pounds, 424-pounds, 470-pounds, 488-pounds, and 528-pounds. Carriage rams are 287-pounds, 296-pounds, 310-pounds, 316-pounds, 342-pounds, and 478-pounds.

Q: How do they attach to the forklift?
A: The fork mount includes 7-1/2-inch wide x 2-1/2-inch high fork pockets on 24-inch centers. A safety chain come with the product so that it can be secured to the forklift. The carriage-mount ram features a class II or III mount and a spring loaded locking pin to secure the pole firmly to the carriage.

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