Forklift Carpet Poles Make Tough Lifting Job Easier

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Carpet Roll Forklift Attachment

Anybody who has ever tried to move a tightly rolled carpet knows that they are deceptively difficult to move. The textiles used to make carpets for home, office and industrial use are heavy. And they are stored in rolls that can be 10 feet long or longer, making them extremely unwieldy.

Plus, as in any warehouse, space in a carpet warehouse is at a premium. So these big, heavy carpet rolls are often stored on high shelves making them practically impossible to be moved safely by hand.

A Tough Job Made Simple

Fortunately, forklift carpet pole attachments make the tough job of moving a big, heavy carpet roll simple. These attachments feature a long, sturdy pole attached to a heavy-duty inverted fork mount that attaches to the vehicle’s front forks. Other types of carpet pole forklift attachments can be attached directly to the lifting mechanism on the forklift’s mast.

Forklift operators can then insert the poll into the rolled carpets center and easily lift the carpet from its shelf so that it can be loaded onto a pallet, a truck, or another location.

Most carpet pole forklift attachments are made of high-tensile steel so the are strong enough to carry even the heaviest carpet rolls, some of which can weigh up to 2,500 pounds or more.

Two Very Important Things to Remember

When lifting a carpet roll using this specialized type of forklift attachment, there are two important things for operators to remember:

First, invert the far end of the carpet upwards after it is loaded onto the attachment so that it doesn’t slip off during transport. When traveling down an ramp, back the forklift down the ramp to prevent the same thing from happening.

Second, always make sure the carpet is wrapped in plastic, bands, or some other type of secure attachment to prevent it from unrolling while you are transferring it from one place to another. If the carpet begins to unspool, it is one of the most difficult jobs to clean up.

Caring and Maintaining Carpet Pole Attachments

Generally, carpet pole attachments don’t need to be lubricated, although they should be checked for debris before being used. Chemical or industrial lubricants can stain or damage the carpet while it is being transported.

Other than that, carpet roll forklift attachments are one of the more indestructible tools you will use with your vehicle. With their simple design, they are hard to break.

As always, when moving heavy and unwieldy materials like carpet rolls, to slow and take special care when approaching and turning corners, entering and exiting doorways, and going up and down ramps. There is little room for error when you are moving a carpet roll weighing hundreds or even thousands of pounds.



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