Crane Scales Can Help Your Business

crane_scaleDigital crane scales are probably one of the most popular forklift accessories available for forklifts.   Crane scales come in a wide range of weight of capacities—ranging anywhere from 600 to 6,000 pounds.  There are also remote display crane scales available that allow the reader to view and control the weight from a safe distance from the material being weighed. Because digital crane scales are electronic, they are usually battery operated, and most models will include an adapter and/or charger for the batteries.  A couple of major benefits crane scales provide include overall improved safety, along with proper weighing by the receiving and shipping departments within a business.

Improved Safety

To ensure proper safety for transportation and storage of material, having a digital crane is an essential tool.  Properly weighing material prior to transporting it with a forklift can ensure the amount isn’t over the forklift’s weight capacity.  Not only does this help with ensuring weight restriction policies are followed to keep everyone near the transported material safe, but it helps prolong the life of the forklift since it reduces the chances a forklift transporting any material over its capacity.

Additionally, Crane Scales help ensure the material is properly warehoused according to weight restriction policies set by management.  By weighing the material prior to warehousing, businesses ensure the material is not being stored in weight restricted locations. Therefore, a huge benefit of a business owning a crane scale is ensuring everyone is following the essential safety policies set, thereby providing a safer environment for workers.

Proper Weighing for Receiving and Shipping Departments

Another major benefit of having a crane scale is ensuring proper weight-checking requirements are conducted by both the shipping and receiving departments. This becomes even more essential when items received or shipped are billed by unit of weight rather than quantity. Within the receiving department, proper weighing prior to warehousing ensures that the goods received are the actual weight-measurement that is billed.  Additionally, using a crane scale, the shipping department can ensure that the weight of material being shipped matches the sales order slip.

Choosing the Best Crane Scale for Your Business

There are a wide variety of crane scales out in the market today.  When considering which crane scale to purchase, the two most important considerations includes the brand and the features the cranes scale is required to perform.  Choosing a reliable brand, especially brands that are known for specializing in weight cranes ensures you are purchasing a crane scale with the maximum benefits.

When it comes to the features of a crane scale, you want to make sure you are purchasing one that matches or exceeds the weight measurement requirements your business has. Going over a crane scale’s weight capacity can be a major safety hazard, as the scale may break, causing the material being weighed to fall. There are also crane scales that are specialized for specific industries, and may need to meet certain regulated requirements.

Purchasing through a knowledgeable supplier can also help in choosing the best crane scale for your business.  It can make a huge difference when you have a supplier that is very knowledgeable about crane scales and is capable providing advice to help determine which crane scale matches your business’ needs the most.

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