Tips and Forklift Accessories for Moving Pallets Safely

palletWhenever transporting heavy and dense material, safety has to always be of upmost concern.  Warehouses are havoc for safety hazards.  Therefore, keeping strong policies in how material is transported should be enforced and continuously trained to everyone involved with transporting material. When it comes to pallet safety, there are many areas that need to be considered and addressed.  Here are a few ideas you can use to help reduce the risk of injury or material damage when transporting with pallets.

#1 Set up and train employees on Pallet safety

It is important to make pallet safety an everyday consideration. In order to do this, you need to train the workers on how they should be properly handled.  Click Here to view a detailed list of tips and policies you can utilize within your warehouse to train your workers.  It is recommended that a warehouse posts up posters on the walls that explain proper handling of pallets. Make sure they are visible to everyone handling pallets so they can see it on a daily basis to remind them the importance of pallet safety.  Some of the common guidelines that should be taught and implemented for pallet safety includes:

  • Properly inspecting pallets prior to using
  • Instructions on the proper way of picking up pallets
  • Requiring gloves to be used whenever picking up a pallets by hands
  • Never walking on top of a pallet
  • Never throwing pallets

For forklift drivers, it is essential they follow proper safety practices and rules for material transportation. Drivers with heavy pallet loads on forklifts can cause severe injury to themselves or others if they are not following the proper safety cautions.  We provide a Safe Pallet Truck Video Training Kit that trains in proper safety procedures and guidelines that every driver should know. Our training kit includes exams that will ensure the business that the driver completely understand the material.

#2 Set Up a Quality Control team aimed at pallet safety

Ensuring workers are following all procedures is essential for ensuring pallet safety practices are enforced.  One great way of doing this is by setting up a safety quality control team that will be responsible for developing, monitoring, as well as enforcing safety policies and procedures.  Areas this team would monitor specific to pallet safety include proper handling of pallets, making sure pallets are inspected prior to usage, as well as ensuring drivers understand and follow proper pallet handling and transporting.  Quality Control teams will set up regularly scheduled meetings where they discuss the progress of safety procedures being followed, as well as determine what new procedures need to be implemented and enforced.

#3 Have the Correct Pallets Available

Pallets are made to handle specific types of material and weight restrictions.  Make sure your warehouse has every type of pallet available that would be needed for proper transportation of its material.

#4 Consider Pallet  and forklift Accessories

Another consideration you may want to make is utilizing pallet forklift accessories that can help with safety. Some accessories would include kits for repairing broken pallets. Here at, we provide a Forklift Scale Hydraulic System, which is connected to the hydraulic lifting system and can ensure weight restrictions are followed.  Another consideration is purchasing pallet storage racks.  These racks help designate where pallets should be stored, and help with ensuring pallets are not being over stacked.

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