‘Cool Truck’ Forklift Won’t Overheat as Easily

5046760143_90bee9bc48_mForklifts that work in paper recycling facilities and other locations where there tends to be a lot of dust and paper debris tend to overheat more frequently.

But now the forklift manufacturer Hyster has developed a specialized new forklift that has been dubbed the “Cool Truck” that has exclusive features that allow it to work longer while keeping its engine cooler.

Clogged Radiators

The problem is the dust. In paper recycling plants, paper mills and other facilities where there is a lot of debris floating around in the air, the radiators on forklifts tend to become clogged up faster. This causes their engines to run hotter and eventually for the motor to fail altogether.

That means vehicles that are out of service longer, higher repair costs, and lost productivity.

The challenge for Hyster engineers was to design a truck that could counteract the effects of excessive air particulates in order to maintain operations longer, according to David Reeve, the company’s industry manager of counterbalance solutions.

Filters Particulates from the Air

The “Cool Truck” is a modified version of Hyster’s H4.0-5.5FT line of forklifts that have a load capacity of 4.5 to 5 metric tons.

Hyster engineers found a way to reduce the amount of debris entering the engine compartment and getting stuck on the transmission and radiator, which was leading to engine failure.

First they developed a fully enclosed frame to prevent as many particles from entering the engine. Then they put in vented hoods, side panels, and radiator covers to reduce the amount of debris that was being vacuumed into the engine compartment from the floor.

Reversible Radiator Fan

The Hyster “Cool Truck” also has a Combi Cooler radiator fan that changes direction every 20 minutes for a period of 20 seconds in order to blow out unwanted dust that has collected on the fan blades. This keeps the truck running longer, minimizes manual radiator cleaning, and keeps the truck cooler even when the environment’s temperature is high.

There’s also a rubber guard of the drive axle, brake line guards and ballistic nylon covers for the tilt and steer cylinders, a solid belly pan under the engine compartment, and heat-resistant protection over the turbo.

The vehicle’s high intake cleaner also has a pre-cleaner attachment.

Can Carry Heavier Loads

Another modification for forklifts that work in the paper industry has nothing to do with the air quality. It has to do with the weight

Bales of paper tend to have non-standard dimensions and weights. Plus, when they are left outside, they can absorb rainwater which makes them heavier.

So the Cool Truck also has a built-in weight indicator that makes lifting heavier and awkward loads easier and saves time for the operator.

The end result is a forklift that keeps going longer in tough situations and has the reliability and dependability that paper recycling and paper mill operators need to keep their operations productive and profitable, said Reeve.


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