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Apps for Reconditioned Forklifts?

“There’s an app for everything!” is heard everywhere these days. If you’re one of the minorities who doesn’t know what an app is, it’s a mobile device application that adds greater functionality to an internet-enabled cell phone or tablet PC. If there’s an app for everything, there must be apps for reconditioned forklifts, right? As a matter of fact, there are several apps that reconditioned forklift owners and drivers could put to good use. The best part of the deal is that many apps are free. Let’s take a look at a few:

Red Laser

Red Laser is a popular consumer app that can be put to use in any warehouse or materials handling facility where barcode scanning can be done. It’s a free app with limited functions, but you can put it to creative use in a variety of ways:

• Use it to scan your inventory.
• Scan the barcode of your product and find out what your competitors are selling it for.
• Compare prices for office and other products you need and find the cheapest prices and nearest dealer locations.
• Find out what’s inside a sealed box without having to open it. If there’s a barcode sticker on the box (and there usually is these days), it’s easily done with Red Laser.

Red Laser can be downloaded for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.

Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby bills itself as an app for car drivers, but there’s no reason why you can’t use it for your IC used forklifts. What it does is keep track of your mileage and maintenance and tell you at a glance how far you’ve traveled and how much you’ve spent. It’s a flexible app that can be used in a variety of ways and in conjunction with other software programs and apps. For example:

• Keep multiple records: Use it for your forklifts and delivery vehicles.
• Synchronize: If more than one person has the app, everyone can share the input.
• Create email spreadsheets.
• Store data about your used forklifts and other vehicles.

Gas Cubby is an Apple iPhone app only and is not free, but is cheap. As of this writing, it costs only $2.99.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management says it all. This iPhone app aims to be your one-stop warehouse management tool. The list of things it claims to be able to help you manage is too long for a short blog, but these are a few of the applications your used forklift drivers might use it for:

• Barcode scanning
• Inventory management
• Order management
• Load freight management

Warehouse Management is a relatively new app and has not received any reviews, but it only costs $3.99, so maybe worth a try.

Forklift Challenge

Forklift Challenge gameForklift Challenge isn’t an app and you may want to keep this one to yourself because if your forklift drivers have this game, they might neglect their work! Forklift Challenge was created by Toyota Material Handling, so if you have Toyota Certified Reconditioned Forklifts, you’ll feel right at home. The game is designed to teach forklift safety and demonstrate the benefits of Toyota’s Systems of Active Stability (SAS), so in that sense, it could be considered to be an app made specifically for new and used forklifts.

If you’re looking for a used or reconditioned forklift, the best “app” you can use is our website, It may not be as fun as the Forklift Challenge, but it’s the best place to go to overcome the challenge of finding the right used forklift for your needs at the right price.

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