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Amazing Forklift Videos

So you think you’re a great used forklift operator? Have a look at these amazing forklift videos and think again.

In this first video, a used forklift operator places a small coin on the ground near an empty plastic water bottle. First he drives his forklift over to the coin, which is all but invisible on the ground, lowers a tine on top of the coin and somehow flips it up and onto the forklift fork. Then he drives to the water bottle, jiggles the coin to the front of the fork blade and tips it into the narrow necked bottle. You won’t believe it till you’ve seen it!


Next up is a basketball playing forklift operator. No, he doesn’t play basketball in his spare time,  he plays basketball while driving his forklift. Although not quite as impressive as the first video, this one does demonstrate how precisely an experienced forklift operator can carry and drop a load. Swish!


On a more practical level, this video comes from the 2012 Mac Forklift Skills competition in Denver, Colorado. About halfway through the 10 minute video, the forklift operator has to drive in reverse between stacks of boxes with only inches of room to spare. The commentator, who sounds like she might be his wife or girlfriend, coaches and encourages him, but it doesn’t help. He nudges the boxes aside at the last minute. His next trick is to pick up a pallet loaded with a drum on top of which a basketball sits. He loses points when the basketball rolls off the top of the drum, but that’s an improvement over the previous contestant, who ran out of time before he reached this challenge.


These videos demonstrate the remarkable agility of a forklift when handled by an expert forklift operator. Sorry, we can’t offer you a used forklift that comes with a guarantee that you’ll be able to flip a coin onto your forklift fork or slam dunk a basketball, but we can guarantee that the used forklift you buy from us will be in the condition we say it’s in.

Check out our Complete Inventory and find the right used forklift for you. Choose between “As Is” used forklifts, “Guaranteed Operational” lift trucks, and Toyota Certified reconditioned forklifts. You’ll find all classes and codes of used forklifts in our inventory, too. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll get a direct line to our experienced sales and service staff, who can fill you in on all the details or help you with your selection.

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