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Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments expand the uses of your forklifts for a plethera of tasks within the workplace and on the jobsite. Move bulk material to and from areas and dump them at their destination with hoppers. Lift material or product with the cahains attached to the hooks of a boom. Clamp on to one or two sealed drums and drop them off where they are needed without having to leave the seat of your lift truck. More often than not, the sky is the limit for your material handling vehicle when you have forklift attachments at your disposal. For more information on these useful pieces of equipment go to our frequently asked questions for attachments and attachment safety to find out more. has available a wide variety of high performance, affordable forklift attachments for your applications.

Forklift Attachments Selection

ForkliftAccessories offers all the forklift attachments you need to get the most out of this essential piece of industrial equipment. Many of these attachments are designed to be used in conjunction with your forklift forks, while others include safety, ergonomic and other attachments that improve safety and performance.

Forklift attachments are designed to be added to standard forks include a variety of fork extensions and  fork covers that increase their efficiency. Steel forklift extensions easily slide on to your existing forks, adding an extra measure of safety by stabilizing large loads, while polyethelyne fork covers are designed to protect loads from damage. 

A low cost forklift boom or telescoping boom virtually change your forklift into a compact crane. These low cost forklift attachments are so useful, they practically pay for themselves the first time you use them, performing jobs you otherwise would have to lease or buy a crane to carry out.

Forklift drum attachments are available that make handling unwieldy drums easy. These products fit onto the forks and feature and automatic gripping device. They eliminate the need for manual handling of drums, which is not only inefficient but very unsafe. When not in use, drum handling attachments take up less warehouse space than many other types of drum handling equipment.

These are just a few examples of attachments available from Forklift Accessories. You will find many more throughout our catalog. If there is something you need, but cannot find in the catalog, contact us via email or phone and a company representative will be able to help you locate it.

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