Why And When To Replace Your Toyota Forklift Tires

Pneumatic forklift tire
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With all the parts involved in a Toyota forklift, the forklift operator could neglect the need to inspect Toyota forklift tires for possible replacement. Toyota forklift tires should be inspected on a regular basis. After all, control of the forklift relies on the tires being in good condition. Moreover, tires that are worn can lead to more strain on the lift components because of vibration and shock and can result in fatigue of the driver

Some base their suggestions on when to replace Toyota forklift tires on how much they  wear when 30% to 40% of the rubber is gone. Others suggest replacement based on how worn the lettering of the Toyota forklift tires are. These suggestions cannot be used as a rule of thumb.

Instead, Toyota Material Handling has published a guide on tires to help technicians determine the best time to change them. The guide recommends that the height of Toyota forklift tires should be measured with a ruler when ascertaining whether replacement is necessary. Moreover, Toyota recommends that the best time to consider replacement is when the tire has been worn down by 35%. It isn’t uncommon for Toyota forklift dealers to mark a tire “failed” if it is worn down beyond 35%.

The wear area is the top 35% of a forklift tire.
(Courtesy: Toyota Material Handling)

Another major consideration is the tread wear of the tire. The outer portion of Toyota forklift tires feature harder durometer than the lower portion. Therefore, when the tread is gone traction and stability are compromised. Moreover, there is a greater possibility of punctures and the forklift’s capacity is reduced.

Other problems that could arise when Toyota forklift tires are worn include inability to adjust the mast chain so the lift doesn’t drag when the mast is fully lowered.

Because of all this, Toyota recommends replacement at this point (35% wear). It is definitely recommended that the tire be replaced before it is down into its soft inner core.

If you have questions concerning tire wear and why and when to replace the tires on your Toyota forklift, it is advised that you contact your Toyota forklift dealer.





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