What to Consider When Buying Forklift Replacement Parts

(Courtesy: James Chiang at flickr.com)

(Courtesy: James Chiang at flickr.com)

When you are in need of

(Courtesy: James Chiang at flickr.com)

(Courtesy: James Chiang at flickr.com)

replacement parts for your forklift     you shouldn’t buy the very first part you see. You need to take time to consider a number of things to assure that the parts you buy will work well with the forklifts you use.

There are as many as seven things you need to consider when reviewing replacement parts for purchase. These include:

· Compatibility
· Research all options
· Delivery time and freight costs
· Are there alternatives to very old parts?
· The cost of the part
· Has the part passed tests and has it been certified?
· Are used parts available?
· Consider both new and used spare parts

Compatibility is essential when selecting a part for a forklift. You want to be certain that the part’s specifications are matched specifically to the forklift. One way to assure this is to purchase genuine parts over aftermarket parts. Not only will the part have the proper specs, it will also be covered by a warranty and the support of the manufacturer who made the part.

It is essential to research all options when selecting parts. I would bet that there are alternatives to every part you find on the market. Of course, there will be times when your options will include a part that is a lot cheaper than the other parts. There is a reason for the price differential. So it is essential to do a little research and find a number of options from which to select.

When you buy replacement parts you may have to wait for them to be delivered from the manufacturer to the supplier and from the supplier to you. Moreover, there will be a freight cost for the part. Try to select replacement parts that are either already in your suppliers’ stock or parts that will be delivered quickly so there is less down time as you wait for the part to arrive.

When you are reviewing a supplier’s list of a particular part you may notice that he is offering older spare parts. The rule of thumb is not to select parts that are more than seven years old. It is tempting to buy older parts because they are offered for such a low price. However, they are cheaper than other parts for a reason. For example, the older part may work well for a short period of time, but will be more susceptible to breaking sooner.

Don’t take the cost of the part fore granted. Ask the supplier to provide you with a quote on how much your part is going to cost so that you can prevent overspending.

Ask if the forklift part you have selected has passed all certifications and testing. Moreover, find out if it is covered by a warranty and, if it is, ask how long the warrant lasts.

It is okay to buy used parts. However, to be certain of their quality select the used parts from a professional dealer. These dealers have staff that makes certain that the parts are clean and properly inspected and categorized. Suppliers have a large stock of used parts on hand so you can find the part you need even if the stock of new parts is depleted.

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