This Week on the Forklift Accessories Blog May 2015 Week 1!

Here is a special sneak peek at some of the stories you will find this week on the Forklift Accessories blog:

  • Last December, thieves broke into a charity that helps orphaned children and stole its forklift. Now, four months later, an unexpected benefactor has stepped in to save the day!
  • Using a boom attachment with your forklift incorrectly is not just inefficient, but also potentially dangerous. We’ll review the proper procedures so you can use your boom attachment safely and productively.
  • Bright orange vests. Everybody’s wearing them these days. But how can you tell which is the right vest for the job? We’ll explain.

All this and much, much more can be found this week on the Forklift Accessories blog … so stay tuned!

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