Video of the Week: Radio Controlled Forklift Can Lift Up to 4,400 Lbs

If you like playing with those radio-controlled race cars and have an extra $50,000 lying around, then you might want to consider the Palfinger Crayler BM radio-controlled forklift.


The truck-mounted vehicle currently is available through custom order only from the Austrian forklift manufacturer Palfinger.

Optimizes Operator Safety

With the Palfinger Crayler BM forklift, the operator doesn’t ride atop the vehicle in a cab.

Instead, the forklift is controlled via a radio control panel, just like one of those racing car toys. The operator can then supervise the use of the forklift from a safe distance away, or get move in to get a closer look at exactly where the forks are at all times — something that is not possible with a traditional forklift.

The vehicle also is ideal for use where using a traditional forklift might be impractical or dangerous. Due to its remote-control capabilities, the Palfiner can be used in unstable areas, such as after a building collapse or in a combat zone, without putting the driver’s safety at risk.

The Crayler BM can lift up to 4,400 pounds and has a maximum lifting height of 10 feet. It features an agile articulated steering system and compact external dimensions, allowing it to be operated in compact external dimensions so it can handle even the tightest unloading situations.

It has a 34 horsepower three-cylinder, rear-mounted engine.

Fits In a Convenient Box

When not in use, the Palfinger Crayler four-wheel forklift can be packed into a compact box that is mounted centrally under the transport truck’s frame so it won’t block the truck’s ramp or loading doors.

Unlike most conventional truck-mounted forklifts, the Palfinger doesn’t extend the length of the carrier vehicle. It’s positioned for a low center of gravity between the trucks two axles to increase stability and safety, decreasing the possibility of tipping.

When it’s time to go to work, the radio-controlled forklift can be unloaded and set up so that it fully operational within 30 seconds.

It features water-filled rear tires for additional stability and is ideal for use in muddy, wet or snowy conditions where other forklifts might be impractical or dangerous.

Remote-Control Operation

Using a remote control device to operate the vehicle takes a little practice, but a day with a Palfinger trainer is included in the purchase price.

The gasoline-powered vehicle operates at about 4 mph.



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