Turn Your Forklift Into a Scale

(Courtesy: Scale Dynasty)

Scale Dynasty, a division of Tara Systems located in Escondido, California, has introduced a device that permits the forklift operator to instantly weigh the lift’s load. The device makes it unnecessary to drive the forklift back and forth to use floor scales.

The digital scale includes “lock-on-weight” and weight totalization and offers safe weighing at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

The device is actually an hydraulic scale system with 5,000 psi (temperature compensated) sensor and 12-feet of hook-up cable that plugs into a digital display. The machine also permits the addition of a board thermal printer, label printer, or wireless printer to print out load totals.

The digital scale can be attached to any type of hydraulic lifting system and offers an accuracy error of only 1% to 2% of the lifts capacity. It is designed to convert hydraulic pressures to readable weight display for a quick and easy weight check for shipping, receiving, inventory verifications, and more. The digital scale can be used on forklifts, loaders, and similar machines

Features of the device include:

· A capacity that has no limit and will be the same as the machine’s maximum capacity.
· Graduation capability of 10-pounds up to 10,000 pounds or 50-pounds to more than 10,000 pounds.
· Use on gas or electric forklifts.
· One year manufacturer’s warranty
· All push-button controls.
· Overload warning.
· Weight Totalization accumulates loading or unloading.
· Display modes for “Lock-on-Weight” or “static weight.”
· Adjustable motion detector and threshold for “Lock-on-Weight.”
· Reweigh button for “Lock-on-Weight” without reloading the scale.
· Adjustable sample rate.
· Water-resistant corrosion proof enclosure with stainless steel adjustable stand/mount.
· Full range push button zero.
· Each weight can be stored and totaled.
· High efficient super bright LED 6-digits .56” high.
· Enclosure ABS sealed 6.5” by 3.5” by 2.25” (without stand).
· Data output for optional printer or computer.
· Display mounted for easy viewing and operation without interfering with driver’s view.
· Standard features offer easy setup and calibration and a simple interface to optional printer or computer.
· Ability to weight while loading eliminates time wasted use of stationary scales.
· One year manufacturer’s warranty

To install simply mount the display in a convenient location on the forklift, tee in the pressure sensor and attach the power cord to the vehicle’s battery. The display gives the forklift operator a quick check of unsafe overloads. The unit features adjustable parameters for automatic weight capture and capture and add for front-end loaders. Device includes display modes for current load or total weight; overload warning and a super bright LED screen.

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