Toyota Unveils Diagnostic System and New Website

In recent months Toyota Industrial Equipment (TIE) has taken steps to provide better

One of many stand up riders offered by Toyota. (Courtesy:

One of many stand up riders offered by Toyota.

support to its dealers and users. First, it has launched a forklift electronic diagnostic system (T.E.D.) that provides valuable information to assist dealer technicians on diagnosing complex problems.

TIE partnered with Exsys, Inc. to question top experts in problem solving to create an online diagnostic system to help simplify and speed up the diagnosis and repair of Toyota forklifts.

The system includes a customized online interface that permits technicians to seek out a particular Toyota forklift model and obtain error code information. Based on the information, T.E.D. gives a probable cause and detailed explanation on how to repair the problem using photos, wiring diagrams and schematics.

Technicians that have access to desktop computers, tablets or smartphones and the Internet can use the site from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. The information is available 24-hours a day, every day.

The site can also be used to train new TIE technicians and offers students a view of results from various scenarios for a unique and comprehensive learning experience.

Future updates to T.E.D. will include broader range of products and system complexities and diagnostic assistance for transmission and hydraulic systems.

Moreover, at the end of last year Toyota Forklift in a partnership with Blackstone Media designed and re-launched its website.’s new design was built to improve the user experience, increase traffic, and provide more lead generation activity. The site features a variety of rich content and additional features including a dealer locator, methods on comparing products and forklifts, and searching for and finding a forklift based on specifications and custom equipment needs.

The site includes built-in metrics to allow better analyze of website traffic and lead generation results.

The website provides new and refreshed content on industry-related resources; solutions content; information of service, parts, and maintenance, and content about technicians and Toyota’s career opportunities.

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