Three New Walkie Pallet Trucks Introduced in the Past Month

Photo courtesy of Raymond Corp

If you’re in the market for a new walkie, you suddenly have a lot more options. Three new walkies were introduced by major manufacturers within the past 30 days.

UniCarriers Platinum RPX

One of the most exciting new entries into the walkies market is  UniCarriers new Platinum RPX series.

There are two options in the series: 6,000 lb capacity and 8,000 lb. Both feature a 5.2 hp AC-powered motor.

The RPX fork design features an unusual push-type linkage and sports rugged tie rods that absorb of high-impact shocks that can be caused by uneven floors and moving the unit from a dock to a truck bed.

It also features steel fork slides to facilitate pallet entry and exit and which eliminate the need for expensive replacement parts for rollers and discs.

Standard equipment on the Platinum RPX series includes sealed switches, thermal cut-back and shut-down, and an epoxy coated control board. There’s also an IP65-rated controller that allows the vehicle to be used in freezers and wet rooms.

An option available on the line of walkies is an automatic fork leveler that prevents the forks from dragging, which can reduce maintenance expenses for repairs.

Raymond 6210 Walkie Pallet Truck

Raymond Corporation introduced its newest addition to its extensive walkie offering, the Model 6210 walkie straddle stacker truck.

The Raymond 6210 has a couple of unique feature, including an electronic pin code pad that requires user to punch in a pin code before using the vehicle This helps prevent unauthorized usage and theft.

It also features an auto power off option that automatically powers down the unit whenever its idle for an extended period of time.

Another interesting feature is the “Click2Creep” option which reduces maximum travel speed and allows operation with the tiller tucked tightly to the tractor. This allows superior maneuverability at slower controllsed speeds.

It also has a waist-high fork positioner that ergonomically positions loads at waist height to reduce bending and lifting.

Toyota Walkie Reach Trucks

Not to be outdone, Toyota Industrial equipment also introduced not one, but three new walkies this past month.

There’s a new 4,500 lb. capacity walkie electric pallet jack and two new walkie straddle stackers, one with 2,000 lb. capacity and another with 2,500 lb. capacity.

All three new Toyota walkies feature improved design for trailer loading and unloading, delivery, and retail store applications.

The three new Toyota units are designed to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. They feature “no tools required” service covers for better serviceability and to reduce the amount of time and money spent on inspections and maintenance.

Each also features a battery pack that has nine separate technological improvements that make it last longer and charge faster.

They all are also IP65-rated to help protect the units against dust and moisture. They can even stand up to low-pressure water streams from all directions and have sealed and weather-tested handles, which make them ideal for use outdoors in all types of weather.

In all, it’s been an exciting month for the walkie industry and any business in the market for new units now have more to consider.

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