This Week on the Forklift Accessories Blog January 2016 Week 1

Here is a special sneak peek at some of the stories you will find coming up on the Forklift Accessories blog:

  • Happy New Year! It’s a new year and that means it’s time for New Year’s resolution. This year, we look at a few industry-specific goals that are actually achievable!
  • The family of a man killed in a forklift accident at a cosmetic warehouse in Virginia is suing the warehouse’s owners, the company that built the forklift, and the distributor the warehouse bought it from for $10 million. We’ll give you all the details and tell you what lessons your business can learn from the court case …
  • Heads up! When hauling a forklift on the back of a flatbed, it pays to know your clearance height. We’ll tell you about one truck driver in New Jersey who learned this lesson the hard way!

All this and much, much more can be found coming up soon on the Forklift Accessories blog … so stay tuned!


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