This Holiday, Leave Forklift Gifts Under the Tree

toy forkliftToday is Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, millions of people are hitting the shopping malls, big box stores, and online retail websites looking for those “perfect gifts” that will bring smiles to the faces of the loved ones on Christmas morning.

Forklift Gifts

If you somebody you love works with forklifts, why not consider a forklift-themed holiday gift this year? There are a number of different forklift-related holiday gifts that are sure to please and delight your family and friends.

Forklift Toys

Forklift toys are always a welcome sight under any Christmas tree. Children and grownups alike can spend hours playing with miniature replicas of forklifts, pallet trucks, and other material handling equipment.

For a more high-tech holiday gift, consider a radio-controlled forklift truck that can be operated by remote control. Imagine the look of delight on the faces of your family and friends as they use the controller to maneuver the tiny forklift and mimic the types of tasks forklift operators perform each day.

It’s one of life’s most treasured moments to see your children playing with toy forklifts and other equipment while pretending to so the same work daddy or mommy do every day on the job. Giving forklift toys can create these types of magical moments that only occur during the holidays.

Display Miniatures

Some forklift toys are intended to be displayed rather than played with. Miniature forklifts made of wood, metal and plastic can be purchased for practically every model used in actual operations today.

These lifelike replicas can be displayed on a shelf, a desk or a mantlepiece, making them the perfect gift for the manager or executive on your holiday shopping list.

Safety Equipment

This holiday season, consider giving your loved one the gift of safety. Personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, fluorescent vests, work gloves, ear plugs and other gear make a practical as well as a personal gift.

New work boots, uniform shirts and pants, warm wool socks, and even new underwear are gifts that are not only useful but will also keep your loved one more comfortable and productive during the coming winter and beyond.

Employee Gifts

Business owners and managers who want to show their staff how much they care can also get into the holiday spirit by buying small, inexpensive gifts that can make their jobs easier.

These can include such things as multi-tool devices, pocket knives, and other handy tools that workers can use at both work and at home.

‘Tis the season for giving. This holiday season, consider forklift-themed gifts that spread good cheer to all of your loved ones.

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