The Lift Truck Caddy

On this blog, we’ve discussed the importance of keeping a clean and well-organized interior. If you don’t know where all of your essential items are, your eyes tend to move away from your working environment, and diverting you attention from what’s in front of you can easily result in a forklift injury. As always, it is important to remember that forklifts are dangerous enough even when practicing proper safety protocol, and this is only exacerbated when you don’t have your eyes on your exterior surroundings. In light of these concerns, a useful tool for keeping a well-organized interior is the lift truck caddy. This post reviews the features of the lift truck caddy, as well as the safety advantages of using the tool.

The Lift Truck Caddy

The Lift Truck Caddy

Features of the lift truck caddy

The lift truck caddy comes complete with a pen and marker holder, a tape gun holder, a clipboard, and a pen with plastic cable. These tools represent some of the most essential and frequently used objects on the job. The caddy contains and displays the objects in an easy-to-see manner, so operators will not have to shift their attention from the road for any extended period of time. Without a lift truck caddy, operators are forced to scan the cabin or reach into their pocket to locate one of these items, and with the lift truck caddy this is not an option. One of the great benefits of the lift truck caddy is that it weighs just five pounds. The cabin of a lift truck is precious real estate, and you can’t have an object that is going to monopolize the interior, so the light weight is a real point in its favor.

Standardize safety in the workplace

Behind every safe forklift working environment is a set of policies that ensure proper safety practice. This means that everyone operates according to the same set of guidelines, and the lift truck caddy is invaluable in making sure that everyone has their cabin organized in a similar manner. Those who share forklifts with other operators will also appreciate the lift truck caddy, as it keeps the cabin tidier for shared use. Because the lift truck caddy installs in roughly one minute, it is also easy to assemble and disassemble.

When thinking of safety in the workplace, it is easy to focus on “major” concerns like making sure that the vehicle does not tip over. However, even relatively minor products like the lift truck caddy can have a profound effect on protecting everyone’s safety. For this reason, investing in the lift truck caddy is a wise decision for every forklift operator.

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