The Hydraulic Scale System

Why would you consider a Hydraulic Scale System? When transporting cargo in your forklift, you may think you have a good understanding of how much your lift truck can carry. Even if you do not know the exact weight of the load you are carrying, you may figure that your estimate is sufficient. However, it is important to consider the benefits of knowing exactly how much your load weighs, and the pitfalls of either underestimating or overestimating your load. First of all, if you underestimate how much your cargo weighs, that means that you are not carrying as much as you could be and are therefore losing efficiency. On the other hand, if you overestimate the weight of your load, this has the potential to place you in an unsafe working environment. Meanwhile, determining the weight of a load using a floor scale takes a great deal of time and is inconvenient. In order to avoid these issues, the Hydraulic Scale System is absolutely a product you should consider to make your working environment safer and improve your efficiency on the job.

hydraulic scale system

The Hydraulic Scale System

What the Hydraulic Scale System accomplishes

The Hydraulic Scale System is an on-board weighing system that will determine exactly how much your load weighs without you having to leave the vehicle. The device weighs loads in less than 15 seconds and is accurate to within 1% of the load capacity. Regardless of the specific forklift model you have, the Hydraulic Scale System is applicable and it can weigh up to 99,999 pounds. The Hydraulic Scale System is therefore a great tool to use for industrial working environments that involve carrying massive loads.

Why is the Hydraulic Scale System easier than a traditional weighing system?

The Hydraulic Scale System is much easier than a floor scale because you can weigh the load while you are carrying it, thereby eliminating the cumbersome task of weighing the load on the floor. As a result, you can be sure of the weight of your cargo without ever leaving the task at hand. In the event that you are carrying a load that is in excess of what your forklift can carry, an alarm will notify you until the cargo is in the acceptable weight range. The Hydraulic Scale System is able to accomplish this because there is a sensor that notices changes in the hydraulic pressure. When the weight gets to large on the hydraulic line, the sensor is then programmed to sound off via the alarm.

There are safety and logistical reasons to know exactly how much your load weighs. Be sure to look into the Hydraulic Scale System  so that you can improve your efficiency and keep yourself protected from carrying harmfully large loads.

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