The Forklift Crane Scale

One of the great advantages of forklifts is that they can lift objects to great heights. For this reason, the crane function is one of the valuable components of forklifts. That said, because they involve lifting particularly heavy objects, cranes are also susceptible to serious injury. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that forklift operators using cranes are careful to check the weight of the objects they lift. Forklift operators have an unfortunate tendency to neglect to monitor the weight of their load, which can easily lead to injury in multiple areas. First, being unaware of the weight of the load can lead to personal injury, but it can also result in damage to the lift truck itself, as operators can place too much stress on the crane without ever being aware. When accidents occur to the crane a domino effect results; damage to the cargo and operator tend to occur as a direct result. For this purpose, the crane scale is an essential tool for those who use their forklift as a crane. Below, we review the benefits of the crane scale and how you can get the most from it.

Reach Truck

Reach Truck

The Crane Scale

The Crane Scale

Features of the crane scale

The crane scale offers a number of attractive features that make it easy to use. It can weigh anything from 600 to 6000 pounds, with an AC/DC power adapter. Weight readings are delivered quickly, with an easy-to-read display. The crane scale shuts off automatically after the reading has been administered.

How to maintain a forklift crane scale

Even though the crane scale is a durable instrument, it can lose accuracy you still need to make sure that your crane scale is operating effectively. It is necessary to conduct checks on a regular basis in order to make sure that the scale is calibrating the weight accurately. To perform this, it is wise to invest in a calibration kit, and most of them take under 10 minute to determine the accuracy of the crane scale.

Whether transporting cargo with a crane or with the traditional forks, operators need to remain aware at all times of the weight of their load. It goes without saying that forklift-related injuries are almost always serious in nature, and failing to check the weight of a load can result in damage to the lift truck and crane, in addition to damaged cargo and (most seriously) personal injury. Invest in a crane scale to protect yourself and your equipment from harm, making absolutely certain that your cargo load is of an acceptable weight.

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