Spring for Canopy Protection

One of the most cost-efficient accessories is undoubtedly canopy protection. In fact, there are many reasons why you should buy canopy protection; not only does it give you a more comfortable ride, but it’s also a valuable safety tool. Best of all, the cost for the Solar Cap Canopy Protection clocks in at well under $100, making it some of the most well-spent money you’ll invest toward your forklift. Here are some specific reasons why you should buy canopy protection:


(Solar Cap Canopy Protection)

  • Canopy protection shields you from the sun. When you are working outside all day, exposure to the sun can weigh you down and get you fatigued much earlier than if you have the protective shade from the canopy. There are many harmful effects from exposure to the sun, including damaged eyesight, dehydration, and just generally feeling overheated (along these lines, make sure you have a water bottle at your side at all times.) The anti-glare material is also easy on the eyes.
  • With canopy protection, you have a protective shield from flying debris. Obviously, no one plans for debris to come flying down from overhead, but if and when it happens, you’ll be glad you have the canopy to shield you. If it’s raining, snowing, or even just windy, the canopy will keep you from suffering the harsh effects of the elements.
  • Canopy protection is versatile. It fits on any forklift and you can remove it at any time. Made from lightweight material, the canopy protection weighs in at just five pounds, so you should have no difficulty at all removing it. The lightweight size makes it easy to transfer to a separate forklift, and with a size of 52.5 inches by 46.0 inches, you’ll find that canopy protection is a versatile and lightweight protective devise.

If you are considering purchasing an atrium for your forklift, you would be wise to reconsider and spring for the Solar Cap Canopy Protection. It may just be the best bang-for-your-buck purchases you can make.

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