‘Show Your Hand’ Forklift Safety Program Launched

A series of free videos for forklift operators, managers and supervisors, and pedestrians working around lift trucks highlights a simple, effective message to improve workplace safety: “Show your hand”.

Mentor, a company that provides workplace safety training programs in the UK, developed the free videos to improve communications between forklift drivers and other workers in order to reduce the number of forklift-related accidents.

The simple yet effective message encourages drivers to raise their hand to co-workers on foot who may be getting too close to their vehicle. By raising their hand with the palm out, drivers can send a clear, immediately recognizable message: Stay back.

Leading Cause of Workplace Accidents

According to Mentor’s videos, collisions between forklifts and people account for an estimated 57 percent of all workplace transport accidents. And because forklifts are so heavy and powerful, the likelihood of serious injury for pedestrians struck by these commonly used vehicles is high.

Even the smallest bump from a forklift can send a pedestrian flying. And if the vehicle were to run over the foot of a worker, the damage can be permanent.

The company released four free videos as part of its “Show Your Hand” campaign: One for drivers, another for managers, a third for pedestrians, and a fourth, four-minute general safety video. All introduce the campaign and encourage everybody in the workplace to adopt the “Show Your Hand” approach to workplace safety.

“The message is simple,” Mentor states in a news release announcing the launch of the campaign. “We’re asking drivers to raise their hand to those on foot if they are getting too close to their lift truck, to indicate that they should stop. If they fail to do so, the drier will stop the truck, to ensure any potential accidents and injuries are avoided.”

Free ‘Show Your Hand’ Workplace Safety Kit

In conjunction with the videos, Mentor also is offering free “Show Your Hand” campaign kits to companies seeking to participate in the program. The kits contain everything businesses need to spread the word about the campaign on site, including posters and videos for toolbox talks.

While the training company is based in the UK, the message of workplace safety and the desire to reduce the risk of collisions between forklifts and pedestrians knows no borders.

Businesses can implement the free videos — which are available on YouTube as well as other sources — to help inform and educate their workers about this fast, simple, and effective way to wordlessly improve workplace safety.


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