Should You Buy an Electric Forklift?

The issue of whether electric forklifts or liquid propane forklifts are better continues to divide forklift operators and enthusiasts, and indeed there are benefits to both varieties. Despite this, however, there is absolutely no doubt that electric ones are better for the environment, and they offer a whole slew of other benefits as well. While you should consider both varieties heavily before arriving at a final decision, this post considers the many advantages of an electric forklift.

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Electric Forklifts Have Become Quite Popular

Electric forklifts are cheaper in the long run

There is no doubt that electric forklifts come with a bit of a sticker shock, and they are initially more expensive than their gas counterparts. However, when doing a cost evaluation of both varieties, you need to factor in the fact that electric ones are far cheaper to maintain. For one thing, you don’t have any fuel purchases required, and while there are recharging costs, these are parasitic when compared with purchasing propane. You also will find that electric models have longer service intervals, and another “hidden cost” is that it will take longer before the components start to fail. When you factor in all of these considerations, it is not uncommon for operators of electric forklifts to find that they have saved thousands of dollars by choosing electric over gas.

Electric forklifts also offer strong performance

One of the objections that gets placed against electric forklifts is that they offer subpar performance when compared with gas forklifts. This is generally not the case. They have less brake wear as a result of their regenerative braking technology. Additionally, with the directional change factor, you will not need to come to a complete stop when shifting direction. You will also find that electric forklifts tend to accelerate better due to the fact that there is no lag when delivering muscle to the wheels. As such, most operators find that electric ones perform at levels that are at least as strong as gas forklifts. Finally, because electric ones do not have any tailpipe emissions, they are much better for the environment and improve employee health.

The limitations of electric forklifts

The limitations of electric forklifts have more to do with maintenance than performance. The batteries need 8 hours to change and 8 hours to cool, and this can become a logistical concern. In fact, many electric forklift operators wisely choose to have more than one battery on site to ensure that they will not lose productivity.

This post has explored the many benefits of choosing an electric forklift. However, you should still consider a gas forklift, and there are benefits to each. Be sure to consider maintenance, performance, and environmental factors when deciding whether to purchase an electric forklift.

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