How to Select the Best Forklift Attachments

griperThere are many different types of forklift accessories that can extend the functionality of your vehicle. So how can you tell how to choose the best forklift attachments for your vehicle? The key is understanding what your needs are.

The right attachment for you depends on what type of job you want to use your forklift to perform. While the standard use of a forklift is to lift and move heavy objects and items that are stacked onto pallets, there are many other functions your forklift can be used for with the proper forklift attachment.

Dumper Attachments

For example, forklift hoppers allow for scooping and dumping smaller items. They attach to the front of the vehicle and act as large baskets that can be filled and dumped by the driver whenever necessary. Hoppers can be made of metal or even plastic, although these tend to have a lower weight capacity and can be prone to cracking.

Forklift Sweepers

Sweepers are another popular forklift attachment. These can be easily attached to the front forks of the vehicle to convert it into a cleaning tool. Forklift brooms push dirt and debris in front of the vehicle as it is moving, making them a fast and easy way to clean up large areas, such as warehouse floors or work yards.

Often, forklift sweeper attachments are used at the end of a work shift in order to tidy up the work area before workers leave for the day. They can be used indoors or out and are a handy, convenient and efficient way to extend the usefulness of your vehicle.

Lift Attachments

Lift attachments are another way to broaden the functionality of your forklift. While it’s never a good idea to stand directly on the forks of the vehicle as the mast is being raised or lowered, work platform attachments feature the safety measures that allow for the optimal use of the vehicle for elevating people and equipment.

Lift attachments usually have safety bars or a work cage, as well as a non-slip floor, so that the worker being lifted by the forklift can work safety and effectively even at a tall height. Usually, the vehicle must be stationary in order for the forklift lift attachment to be used safely and properly.

Be Aware that Overall Weight Has Increased

One thing to keep in mind when using forklift attachments is that they will add to the overall weight of our vehicle, so you have to be aware that your maximum weight capacity is going to change. To calculate the new weight of your forklift with the attachment, simply add together the weight of the vehicle and the weight of the attachment. Both should be posted directly onto the peice of equipment.

For example, if you have a 6-ton forklift and are using an attachment that weighs 1.5 tons, your new weight will be 7.5 tons. So you will want to be cautious of driving your forklift over any bridge, panel or other area that has a maximum weight capacity lower than 7.5 tons.


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