Rubber Dock Bumpers Protect People and Property

The humble dock bumper is one of the most underrated accessories in the workplace. Most of the time, it just sits there, waiting for a truck, train car, or forklift to pull up and get to work.

But when it’s time for forklifts to load or unload materials, rubber dock bumpers are always ready to provide a soft, protective barrier that can protect products and people from dangers.

Made of Durable Materials

As the name implies, rubber dock bumpers are made of rubber. But not just any rubber. Many are made from recycled truck tires, so they are already built from some of the toughest materials that have proven strength and protective absorptive abilities.

Other types of dock bumpers are made from molded rubber, extruded rubber, former conveyor belting, or even wood. All provide the kind of protective barrier that can prevent cement docks, forklifts, and other equipment from chipping, scraping, and other damage.

Most dock bumpers are black so they fit in with the dock’s neat and professional appearance. But there are some dock bumpers that feature brighter day-glow colors, striping, or chevron designs for better visibility.

Location, Location, Location

One of the biggest benefits of rubber dock bumpers is that they can be installed anywhere that protection from impact is needed. The most obvious place is the dock bay, but they also can go along walls to protect forklifts, in warehouse doorways, and even near light fixtures.

Dock bumpers come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses so that you can install the right bumper in the right place for maximum protection. They are generally bolted to the wall or other surfaces so that they won’t easily come loose.

Save Money, Protect Property

Protective dock bumpers are one of those small investments that can pay huge dividends. They can absorb up to 80% of impact and shock from trucks, train cars, and forklifts, protecting your building, dock, and other workplaces from damage and reducing repair and replacement costs.

They also can protect forklift drivers, truckers, and other workers from the jolting of collisions, reducing the risk of injuries.

Rubber dock bumpers are built to last and can provide years of service even when in constant use. They may not be complicated, but they are highly effective at what they do.

Dock bumpers are one of the least recognized but most valuable pieces of dock equipment you can install on your dock, warehouse, or other areas of your business.

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