Rolling Ladders Improve Warehouse Efficiency When Used Safely

There’s a reason customers are prohibited from using the rolling ladders found at every Home Depot in America. While they are useful for reaching items on high shelves, they also are inherently dangerous.

Every year in the US, there are approximately 300 deaths and more than 130,000 injuries from accidents involving ladders.

Using rolling ladders safely can improve the efficiency of your warehouse or dock operation. But workers need to be thoroughly trained on safety protocols before they are allowed to step onto the first rung.

Here are some ladder safety basics.

Hit the Brakes

Before stepping onto a rolling ladder, inspect it to make sure the brakes are locked. If the ladder would begin to move while you are high up on its rungs, you could be in mortal danger.

Also, check any rubber attachments that come into contact with the floor. Make sure they aren’t worn or broken so they don’t fall off when you are up high.

The handrail should also be checked to make sure it is secure. If it wobbles when you shake it, tighten it up before ascending the ladder

Common Sense Ladder Safety Rules

Only one person should use the ladder at a time unless it is specifically built for two users.

Be aware of the ladder’s maximum load rating before adding too much weight while standing on the ladder. Include your weight, the weight of your tools, and the weight of the products or materials you are lifting in your estimation. Guess wrong and it can be a long drop down.

Any other specific rules pertaining to the particular ladder you are using should be listed on the ladder’s sticker, as well as in its owner’s manual. Make sure anybody using that ladder is aware of these rules and adheres to them at all times.

Have a Helper

Before climbing a rolling ladder — or any ladder, for that matter — it’s important to use the buddy system. Have somebody stand at the base of the ladder to steady the ladder and hand you things after you get to the top. A buddy can also help prevent you from falling.

Be smart when using a rolling ladder with another person. Don’t drop objects down to them from a raised height. Instead, climb down the ladder and hand it to them.

And resist the temptation to move the rolling ladder when someone is on it. While it may seem more efficient, it’s simply too risky.

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