Ready-to-Use Storage Options for Hand Trucks

hand truckHand trucks are one of the most convenient and frequently used materials handling tools in any warehouse, dock, or operation. So having continual access to your hand trucks is essential to the maximum efficiency of your business.

If your employees have to stop and look for a hand truck, or if your hand trucks are broken or damaged due to being improperly stored, it can affect your productivity.

Here are some quick, simple, and ready-to-go storage options for ensuring your employees always have access to working hand trucks when they need them.

The Bungee Solution

Bungee cords are one of the best ways to secure items to trucks, storage racks, and other areas where hand trucks are likely to be kept.

Bungee cords not only ensure hand trucks are where they are supposed to be when they are needed, but they also prevent them from sliding around, crashing into products, supplies, and other items due to movement or vibrations.

Best of all, bungee cords are affordable. You typically can get all the bungee cords you will ever need for just a few dollars and they last practically forever.

Locking Up Your Hand Trucks

One of the biggest reasons hand trucks aren’t where they are supposed to be is that sometimes people will grab one for a quick job, then leave it at the job site rather than returning it to its proper storage space.

A solution to this dilemma is locking up your hand trucks with a chain and padlock. Hand trucks can be chained to fencing, dunnage racks, shelving, or other areas so that they cannot be removed without being unlocked by an unauthorized person, such as a supervisor or dock manager.

Requiring workers to see a superior prior to using a hand truck reinforces the idea that it needs to be returned where they belong once the worker is done using it. Employees are far more likely to pay attention to what they are doing if they know that their supervisor is also watching them.

Get More Hand Trucks

If your employees are always fighting over the hand trucks, hiding hand trucks, or complaining that there aren’t enough to go around, why not simply buy another hand truck or two?

Hand trucks are affordable and durable. You could even say that you can never have too many hand trucks around!

Increase productivity, keep your staff happy, and always have the tools you need available by adding more hand trucks to your materials handling inventory.

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