Protecting Operators with Canopy Forklift Accessories

Solar Canopy Forklift Accessory

An Example of a Forklift Solar Canopy

Forklift operators face all kinds of potential dangers including tipping, collisions and the constant bumps and shocks that come with running a vehicle over rough surfaces. But there’s one simple, affordable forklift accessory that can substantially protect your drivers instantly.

A solar cap canopy protection forklift accessory provides a barrier between forklift operators and the elements, including bright, blinding sunshine, rain and snow. It can even help protect against injury from falling objects or loads.

Solar cap canopy protection forklift accessories can be made from a variety of materials. Some, like those made out of canvas or mesh, are semi-porous, providing protection against the sun while allowing some moisture to pass through.

Others are made of metal, hard plastic or other solid materials that create a complete barrier between the driver and the vehicle’s roof.

Dangers From Above

Whether the forklift is operating indoors or outdoors, drivers face many potential hazards. In an interior warehouse setting, there is always the risk of a load falling from a high shelf or a fully-extended mast dropping an imbalanced load on a pallet. Even if the operator is wearing a hard hat, this type of accident can cause injury or even death.

A canopy forklift accessory can create a barrier between the driver and the potential danger. It can deflect all or part of the falling objects, preventing the driver from becoming injured or minimizing the danger.

Sun, Rain and Other Hazards

When operated outdoors, forklifts face additional potential weather-related hazards. Working for long hours in direct sunlight with no protective barrier can accelerate dehydration, cause sunburn, and increase the risk of sun stroke, especially in extreme heat. Long-term exposure to sunlight also has been linked to some forms of skin cancer and other dangers.

Direct sunlight can also temporarily blind a forklift operator, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

But risks also are present in colder weather. Then forklifts are operated in rain, sleet, mist or snow, not only can it make the operator uncomfortable, but it can also be a distraction to the safe operation of the vehicle.

A Simple Solution

Yet the easy installation of a solar canopy forklift accessory can instantly eliminate all these problems. Plus, they are among the most affordable and durable of all forklift attachments.

Many solar canopy forklift attachments snap into place while others are bolted into position to provide a more durable, secure fit. In either case, they usually can be installed in just minutes. Yet they provide protection against a myriad of potential dangers, whether the vehicle is being operated indoors or outdoors.

Sometimes the simplest solutions really are the most effective. You can protect your operators and extend the life of your vehicle by simply installing a solar canopy forklift accessory that often costs $100 or less. Find yours today and check out other forklift accessories by visiting searching on Forklift Accessories today.


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