Philadelphia Scientific Offers Electrolyte Spill Monitor for Batteries

Damage to a battery due to an electrolyte spill.
(Courtesy: Philadelphia Scientific)

One of the worst things that can happen to a battery is an electrolyte spill. This problem is often not known to an operator who drives a battery-powered forklift until the acid burns a hole in the bottom of a battery tray resulting in an acid leak onto a warehouse floor.

Electrolyte spills often occur because the battery is overfilled with water before a charge. It is very hard to identify and can lead to a damaged battery and an unusable forklift.

Repairing damage resulting from electrolyte spills can be very expensive. It would help if there were a device that could warn the driver that a spill has taken place in the battery before any damage occurs.

Philadelphia Scientific’s SmartBlinky Tray Monitor includes red and blue LEDs that flash when an electrolyte spill occurs on to the battery tray.
(Courtesy: Philadelphia Scientific)

Philadelphia Scientific, manufacturer of battery accessories located in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, has introduced the SmartBlinky Tray Monitor. The device detects electrolyte spills on the battery tray and alerts the forklift driver.

The SmartBlinky is easy to use and install. It features bright white, red and blue LEDs. A white heart beat LED signifies that the monitor is on, flashing of the red and blue LEDs means that electrolyte is present on the battery tray. This permits the driver to take action before any damage occurs.

All you need to do to install the gadget is to connect two wires to a 6-volt and 12-volt power source and place a probe between the battery cells.

Philadelphia Scientific also has offices in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Australia, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, and India and in ASEAN countries.

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