Pedestrian Warning Systems Saves Lives

According to OSHA forklift accidents account for 61,000 minor injuries, 34,900 serious injuries, and 85 related deaths every year. Many of those injuries and deaths are of pedestrians involved in forklift accidents.

A number of companies are now offering pedestrian warning alert systems to prevent or at least minimize these types of accidents and Forkliftaccessories have described these products in many stories in this blog including LED Lighting System Warns Pedestrians of Approaching Forklift, Australian Firm Offers Automatic Warning Detection System for Forklifts, New Alert System Helps Prevent Forklift Pedestrian Collisions, and New Tag System Designed to Prevent Forklift Collisions With Pedestrians.

The new Red-Zone LED Pedestrian Warning Light.

Now has gathered together components to produce our own low cost LED pedestrian warning system. Called Red-Zone LED Pedestrian Warning Light, the product ensures that pedestrians stay a safe distance from a forklift that is in operation. The device emits a red beam on the floor to keep pedestrians alerted to approaching forklifts so that they keep away.

The package comes with one LED light. However, two lights are necessary to present a halo down effect on both sides of the lift.

The product features 9-64V operating voltage, is CE rated, and easy to install. It includes:

· Mounting Hardware
· Two-Year Warranty
· 100,000 Hours Lifespan
· PC Lens Material

In addition, is also offering Look Out 1 and Look Out 2, products that are designed to alert drivers of forklifts of blind corners.

Look Out 1 alerts forklift operators and pedestrians of the potential of a dangerous encounter at blind corners. It is easy to install. Simply plug it into an outlet. It can be hung at any corner and is designed to mount to any style rack upright.’s new Lookout 1 pedestrian warning system for blind corners.

Look Out 2 is ideal for 90-degree corners and 90-degree blind spots. This package includes an additional set of lights that alternate blinks when activated. The lights emit a cone-shape beam that is 32-ffet out and 42-feet wide. Honeywell and IntelliSense manufactured the standard sensors.

The product comes with a 24-volt plug for in wall transformer into a 110 VAC receptacle and 25-foot low voltage cord.

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