Pallet Dumper Retainer Forklift Attachments Save Time, Effort

You are driving your forklift through the warehouse hauling a pallet full of debris when suddenly the call comes over the radio from your supervisor: “All hands on deck! Everybody come to the main dock to help unload a trailer of essential materials ASAP!”

Do you:

A.) Keep going to the dumpster area to offload your pallet?

B.) Stop your vehicle and slowly lower your pallet to the ground before gently disengaging it from your vehicle’s forks?

Or C.) Quickly dump the debris from your pallet and high-tail it to the loading dock where your boss is waiting?

If your forklift is equipped with a convenient pallet dumper retainer attachment, the best answer that can ensure you get to the loading dock first (and in your boss’s good graces), the answer is “C”!

Dump and Go

The pallet dumper retainer attachment is a specialized type of equipment. That’s because not every pallet load is designed to be quickly dumped. For example, if you are hauling a pallet full of cases of glass liquor bottles or heavy industrial equipment, you probably aren’t going to want to quickly dump it onto the hard warehouse or dock floor.

But if your operation is built for speed and the loads you handle tend to be more durable, this convenient forklift attachment can increase productivity, speed up operations, and even improve the bottom line of profits.

How the Pallet Dumper Retainer Works

Essentially, the pallet dumper retainer is a spring-loaded platform that can be activated by the operator through the use of either a cable or chain.

The retainer itself features two sleeves that conveniently slide over the forklift’s existing forks. On the front of the attachment is a pallet platform that remains at a rigid 90-degree angle to the retainer until such time as the switch is pulled.

Then the pallet platform is released, allowing the contents of the pallet to be quickly yet gently dropped onto the surface. Yet the pallet remains attached to the platform, ready to be reloaded or reused as needed.

Fast and Furious

Pallet dumper forklift attachments are ideal for workplaces where speed is critical.

The attachment itself is secured to the mast by means of security chain that ensures that it won’t accidentally fall off. Redundant bolts also secure the retainer to the forklift arms.

When time is money, you can speed up operations and get the job done faster with a pallet dumper forklift attachment from

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