Onboard Caddy Reduces Unnecessary Trips

You are driving your forklift across the vast floor of a busy distribution center when you realize that you forgot your box cutter back in your locker. So you turn the vehicle around and drive all the way back to the break area.

With your box cutter in your pocket, you get back in your forklift and set off once again to start your day’s tasks. But then you realize you forgot your tape gun. So once again you turn around and go back to where you started, delaying the completion of your jobs even further.

Sound familiar? People are fallible. They tend to forget things. But when forklift operators have to stop what they are doing to retrieve a forgotten item from another part of the workplace, it not only slows down operations and reduces productivity, but also affects the business’s bottom line.

Productivity studies can identify opportunities for improvement. But they often fail to see the simple solutions that are the key to making workplaces more efficient — such as an onboard caddy that lets forklift drivers take all their necessary equipment and supplies with them wherever they go.

Carrying the Essentials

Forklift drivers do more than drive forklifts. Many will also help stack wrap pallets, prepare packages for distribution, and even take inventory or scan boxes and other materials. It is rare for operators to spend their whole shift “in the saddle”. Instead, many drivers are constantly jumping in and out of the cab as they perform tasks both inside and outside their vehicle.

Doing a job properly requires the right tools. For some forklift operators, this might include knives or scissors. For others, it might be UPC or QR Code scanners or even electronic tablets or laptops. Regardless of what kinds of tools they use, drivers need constant access to the equipment and supplies they use all day, every day.

For that, the perfect companion is the onboard caddy created especially for forklifts.

Reach Out and Touch

Caddies allow forklift operators to carry everything they need with them regardless of where they drive their vehicle. They eliminate the need for driving back to retrieve forgotten items or interrupting important tasks because they don’t have the proper equipment or supplies.

They are a simple solution that simplifies complicated tasks for forklift operators. They attach securely to the vehicle so that everything the driver needs is always within reach.


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