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Novel Uses for a Used Forklift

When you think of forklifts, you think of pallets and pallet racks. Some used forklift owners discover forklift accessories and dozens of new ways to put their lift trucks to even better use, but using forklift attachments isn’t really a novel or unique way to use a forklift.

This Fox News video from Savannah, Texas, shows a truly novel way to use a used forklift. When they needed to remove an alligator from the Cape Coral canal, the equipment of choice was a forklift. Unfortunately, the 600 lb, the 11-foot-long gator was too large and aggressive to capture live. It was also too heavy to remove from the canal manually, so a forklift was called in to help remove the animal and load it onto a pickup truck.

On an even weirder note, a forklift was used in an attempt to escape from the police. It couldn’t exactly be called a “high-speed chase.” In fact, the commentator, between peels of laughter, described it as a “slow-speed chase” down a Fort Worth freeway. The forklift operator, who was drinking beer and making obscene gestures to police as he drove, reportedly had bought the used forklift “from a stranger” for $500 and was just driving it home. You’ve got to watch this video! It’s a toss-up about what’s funnier — the chase that involved the forklift and four police cars or the female commentator, who couldn’t contain her laughter as she attempted to report the story.


Finally, an ABC news program from 2012 catches a thief on camera stealing an ATM with a forklift. While the camera “caught” the thief, apparently, the camera was the only one who caught him. At the time of broadcast, neither the forklift nor the ATM had been found. Hint to police: From the looks of the video, an experienced forklift operator did the heist. You might want to check the local factories and warehouses and find out if one of their forklift operators has failed to show up for work lately.


We don’t recommend using a forklift to escape from the police or steal an ATM, but if you’re looking for a used forklift for legal purposes, we can recommend some good ones to you. If you need a lift truck to remove alligators from your local swamp or canal, your best bet is a rough-terrain lift truck. If you’re going to be using it for more normal purposes, we have all classes of forklifts available in our used forklifts catalog, including:

• Class I electric riders
• Class II narrow aisle
• Class III walkies
• Class IV cushion tire internal combustion (IC)
• Class V IC pneumatic tire.

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