New Modular Charger Cuts Electric Forklift Downtime

1109-11A Toyota Location-092A North Carolina industrial battery company has introduced a new type of modular forklift battery charger that eliminates the need for battery changes.

The Raptor Rapid battery charger — which was introduced by Douglas Battery at last month’s ProMAT 2015 material handling trade show in Chicago — is a high frequency, high speed and fully automated. It allows batteries to be charged three to five times faster than conventional forklift battery chargers.

It features a high energy-efficiency and a high power factor that reduces operating costs while improving productivity.

Fewer Battery Changes Means Increased Productivity

The Raptor Rapid battery charger reduces of  eliminates the need for battery changes with partial state of charge. Plus, it’s thermal management intelligence protects batteries by controlling electrolyte temperature, reducing the risk of overheating.

Benefits of the Raptor Rapid battery charger include:

  • It eliminates the need for battery charges in multiple shift operations
  • Its cabinet is configurable for both wall and floor mounting
  • All of the Raptor Rapid models are fully automatic so all you need to do is plug it in and charge
  • It can be used whenever your electric forklift requires a full or partial charge
  • Even if a defaults, charging continues so your operation can remain productive
  • It features a 50/60hz frequency and multi-voltage automatic
  • It has automatic equalization

The Raptor Rapid battery charger is suited to multiple shift operations that are in constant need of freshly-charged electric lift trucks. It reduces the amount companies have to spend on batteries and allows the same productivity with a smaller fleet size.

There also are potential benefits in terms of space because the charging station can be smaller, rather than maintaining dedicated battery charging room. This space can then be allocated for more productive use.

Other Douglas Products Showcased

Also during the ProMAT 2015 trade show, Douglas Battery showcased its Legacy Neo HF charger, which is a compact, high-efficiency charger that can be used in operations where space is limited. It also showcased its Insight HF charger, which delivers more power with greater efficiency than most conventional chargers.

The Insight HF charger is capable of opportunity charge and can automatically charge batteries of various voltages and capacities, according to a Douglas spec sheet. It can reduce utility costsand provides the optimum electrical charge while reducing both heating and the risk of overcharging.

The Insight HF has data recording an access capabilities and includes 896-cycle charge memory. It can be operated via remote control for added convenience. It also comes with an optional mounting stand, or it can be wall-mounted. There’s also a cabinet design available.



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