New Forklift Simulator Offers Safer, More Effective Operator Training

Forklift operator tries out new 3D virtual reality forklift training tool at the ProMAT trade show in Chicago. (photo courtesy of Forklift Simulator)

A new high-tech forklift training program uses virtual reality and a simulated forklift control panel to provide safe, effective operator training.

Forklift Simulator, a Belgian tech start-up, recently won the Best Innovation Award at the ProMAT trade show in Chicago.

The training product uses a combination of software and hardware to provide fast, safe and cost-effective solution for training new employees and refining the skills of experienced operators.

Realistic Forklift Operating Experience

Drivers sit in a simulated forklift cabin and wear a special set of 3-D virtual reality goggles. Trainers can then create their own virtual training environments, requiring new operators to perform assigned tasks and complete a series of objectives within a set period of time.

The modular software package can be expanded and upgraded to suit each company’s specific needs. There’s even the capability for a trainer to observe multiple users simultaneously.

Safer, Faster, and More Cost Effective

Training new operators using virtual reality is safer and more cost effective than traditional forklift training, which uses real vehicle working in live environments.

With the Forklift Simulator, operators can experience the dangers presented by tilting forklifts, falling loads, or falling racking systems without ever being put in actual danger.

They also can repeat complex exercises without having to worry about damaging an actual vehicle or putting their own safety or somebody else’s at risk.

Operators will not only gain valuable skills, but they will experience far fewer accidents. That means there is less downtime for both the driver and the operation.

Includes Software and Hardware

The Forklift Simulator cabin features forced feedback steering, mechanical control levers, a mini-levers console with armrest, and Oculus Rift virtual reality stereoscopic 3-D googles.

Or you can use the optional four-screen setup up that features three front screens and one rear screen to simulate what operators will see during actual forklift operations.

Plus, operators can practice the full range of forklift functions — including how to properly work the controls, read the instruments, and properly operate the vehicle — without taking an actual forklift out of service.

Low-Risk Training

In addition to keeping forklifts available for operations and eliminating the risk of forklifts or property being damaged during training, there’s also the fuel savings, reduced engine hours, and lower maintenance costs to consider.

Practicing on the Forklift Simulator is a fun way to gain experience while promoting the retention of new skills and abilities.

Every training course can be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization, the operator, and the working environment.


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