New Crown Pallet Truck Works in Tight Spaces

Photo via Crown  Equipment Corp.

Photo via Crown Equipment Corp.

One of the most challenging things about working with pallet trucks is the space requirements. Navigating most pallet trucks into narrow aisles, congested docks, or other narrow spaces is practically impossible.

Plus, pallet trucks are usually so heavy that manually lifting or moving them is equally difficult.

But now Crown Equipment Corp., one of the largest forklift companies in the US, has unveiled a new series of pallet trucks that are specifically designed to work in tight docks and narrow aisles.

Introducing the RT 4000 Series

Crown’s new RT 4000 Series features intuitive controls, standard electronic steering, powerful acceleration, and short head length, all of which add up to improved maneuverability in tight spaces.

And with more and more companies reducing the size of their floor plans while increasing both the volume and velocity of operations, the new type of pallet truck comes just in the nick of time.

The pallet truck is effective in small spaces thanks to the five points of contact the operator has with the vehicle. There’ s also a four-point suspension in contact with the floor, a left-hand or right-hand steer tiller design, better traction, and lift/lower controls that are consistent with the way the operator wants to move the vehicle.

All of which add up to less shoulder stress and arm fatigue for the operator. Plus, the driver’s area is surrounded by a wraparound, soft foam lean pad for maximized comfort.

Award-Winning Design

In fact, Crown’s RT 4000 Series is so innovative that it recently was awarded the covered Forklift of the Year Award at the CeMAT trade fair, held in Hanover, Germany, earlier this year.

In presenting the award, the jury noted the pallet truck’s ability to work efficiently in tight spaces.

“The Crown RT 4020 is ideal for users with very limited operating space who need high productivity,” the IFOY award presenters said, according to a Crown news release. “The pallet trucks’ narrow design is, for example, perfect for pallet put-away in very confined spaces. The transverse operator platform provides good visibility in both directions.”

The pallet truck, which has been on the market for just a little more than a year, has a load capacity of up to 4,400 lbs and a chassis width of just 30.7 inches. Its AC motor is capable of speeds of up to 7.7 miles per hour.

It was the third time Crown has won the IFOY Award, according to Crown vice president Ken Dufford.

“For us, Crown’s third IFOY Award for lift-truck technology is above all a further confirmation of our design approach, which consistently puts operators at the heart of the developmental process.”


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