Morse Tries Its Hand at Video Marketing

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Morse Manufacturing, which is offering 34 free video tutorials on how to properly and safetly operate  drum handling attachments for forklifts. is just the latest example of how video marketing can be used to raise the profile of your business.

The company — which is headquartered in East Syracuse, New York — is making the videos available for free through links on its website. Customers are invited to visit their webpages as many times as they like and watch the free videos over and over again at their convenience.

Promotes Products, Builds Loyalty

The videos provide helpful information about many aspects of the drum handling attachments the company manufacturers, including its MORcinch drum handling system and the Hydra-Lift Karriers, which can be used to pour an 800 pound drum up to 8 feet high.

There also are videos that show yow to assemble a four-wheel drum truck; that illustrate the operation of a power-propelled drum pourer; that show you to palletize a drum with a four-wheel drum truck; that show how to use a strap and ratchet on a 2,000 pound drum carrier; and even how to properly work a portable drum roller.

The purpose of the videos is to show Morse drum handling equipment in action, according to the company’s website. Morse is constantly adding new videos to fortify the library of video tutorials it offers to its clients and prospective customers.

There are even videos that are not directly related to the products the company manufactures. For example, the latest video celebrates Morse being named “2014 Business of the Year” by CenterState CEO. Another video shows footage from the company’s warehouse in central New York state.

But the majority of the videos are purely instructional, showing how to properly operate the company’s products and also safety tips on working with drums, forklifts and drum lifting attachments.

Videos Offer New Connection with Customers

Thanks to the proliferation of such online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, as well as the affordability and portability of equipment used to make videos, many companies are turning to the medium as a way of both promoting their business and providing their customers with useful information.

Most mobile devices — including smart phones, tablets and laptops — now come with built-in video cameras, many of which shoot in high definition. So making an informational, promotional or educational video has never been easier.

Morse, as well as many other companies in the materials handling and other industries, can quickly and efficiently upload and post their videos onto their websites so that customers are encouraged to visit the pages frequently. After they watch the videos, there is an increased chance that they might stick around and visit other web pages on the site, such as specific products or information about the company.

Video marketing has become on of the fastest, effective and affordable ways of connecting directly with customers. Not only can the videos be posted on the home website, but links can be sent directly to customers’ mobile devices, email in boxes, and even embedded in articles and advertisements.


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