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Here at, one of the more whimsical features is our line of model forklifts. These are well-suited for adults who a small version of their lift truck, or children who like collectible cars, trucks, and warehouse vehicles like forklifts.  Obviously, it is very important that young children stay far away from forklifts due to the safety hazard, and forklift collectibles are a useful way of spreading a love of forklifts to the next generation without placing their safety in danger. Basically, there is no better way of spreading your love of forklifts to your children than giving them one of our model forklifts.

Komatsu Model Forklift

Komatsu Model Forklift

Extremely lifelike

One of the best features of our forklift toys and models is that they are fairly exact simulacrums of larger forklifts that one can find on the market. Models of forklifts from a wide range of manufacturers are available, including Hyster, Clark, JCB, and many others. This means that you can have a model of your exact forklift in your office, or a kid can play with the same forklift model that his parent(s) uses.

Wide price range

There is a pretty wide range of customers who purchase model forklifts, and they come in as many different shapes and sizes as the model forklifts themselves. Collectors look for very detailed scale models, while other buyers are in the market for die cast models that are more suitable for children who just like to play around with them. The attention to detail that one finds on both the lower line and higher end models really makes the model forklifts attractive for any setting. Because forklifts are utilitarian, it is easy to lose sight of how visually attractive they are, and model forklifts really restore magnify the beauty of a forklift.

Less common lift trucks

At, we not only stock more common forklifts but also have more unusual types of model forklifts in stock. These include pallet trucks, reach trucks, telescopic forklifts, and even an all-terrain model. Those looking for a more interactive type of model forklift will be pleased to discover that we offer a remote control forklift. In total, we have 24 different model forklifts to choose from, so it should not be difficult to find the style forklift (or even an exact replica of your forklift) in stock.

Model forklifts are classy toys that look just as great in the office as in the kid’s playroom. Christmas shopping is never too early, so keep in mind that model forklifts make a great present for forklift enthusiasts of all ages.

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