Major Forklift Companies Advocate Purchase of Used Lifts

A number of major international forklift manufacturers including Toyota, Yale Europe and Linde are advocating the purchase of used forklifts.

Keep in mind, there are some major differences between a used forklift and reconditioned forklift. In regards to the Toyota, in many instances should the used Toyota forklift be in the hands of a Toyota Lift dealership, they are more so referred to as reconditioned forklifts. These forklifts are thoroughly inspected and repaired. These machines are then placed through another inspection check list to assure they are in top condition prior to being placed up for sale.

Demand is growing for used forklifts because more companies are renting or leasing their forklift fleets. (Courtesy: Yale Europe)

Demand is growing for used forklifts because more companies are renting or leasing their forklift fleets.
(Courtesy: Yale Europe)

Material Handling Europe, and Jungheinrich are advocating that warehouses purchase used forklifts.

These companies refurbish their own used forklifts after companies return them at the end of rental agreements.

David McIntyre, business services manager at Yale Europe suggests that operations managers look at approved used markets as a first choice investment.

According to McIntyre, the typical consumer for used forklifts has changed over recent years. He explained that the biggest users were small to medium-sized companies trying to upgrade within a budget. However, now more companies are opting for a mixed fleet of new and used lifts.

Heike Oder, head of trade press corporate communications at Linde, says the used forklift market is continuously developing and a growing segment of the overall market. According to Oder, they are doing well selling Linde approved used lifts and said the lifts are selling worldwide. Linde approved used lifts are factory reconditioned by Linde.

She noted that these trucks are typically returned to Linde from long-term or short-term rental fleets. During the first life period, Linde has gone out of its way to carefully look after and maintain their used trucks. As a result, the company has a documented history of each used truck they sell.

Chresten Gneiting, senior manager – rental and used at Toyota Material Handling Europe, points out that Toyota has an approved program and adds that the used trucks are refurbished based on their unique knowledge of the truck and a checklist to assure that they re-offer a quality product.

Jungheinrich is doing so well selling their refurbished trucks that it has boosted the number of employees it has in its Used Equipment Center subsidiary in Dresden, Germany from 30 when a startup in 2006 to more than 150 today.

According to Martin Wielgus, press spokesman for Jungheinrich, production last year reached 5,500 units and the company expected that to increase to 8,000 units in 2018.

McIntyre of Yale noted that refurbished forklifts from known companies reassure customers that they are getting a product that has the full backing of a major forklift manufacturer with a proven track record that low-level companies can’t match. He advocates that forklifts refurbished by major players in the forklift market are a far better value than certain new models that are in the market. For example, he asserts that a Yale Approved Used unit is similar to a new model so these lifts will provide additional years of productive and cost-effective service.

Oder from Linde added that used trucks play an important role for companies that are not only in emerging markets, but also in industrialized countries.

Oder advises customers buy reconditioned trucks if the workload is low and a new truck would not pay off. She also said that used trucks are ideal for fast growing startup companies.

Oder also commented that there is a growing trend for companies to mix their fleet with both new and reconditioned trucks.

Wieglgus of Jungheinrich concluded that there is a rise in demand for refurbished forklifts because there has been a growth in companies renting their fleet. He noted that every third truck companies order from Jungheinrich are either rented or leased. He claimed that extending the life of forklifts is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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