Maintaining Your Forklift Pays Real Financial Dividends

Everybody knows that you are supposed to perform routine maintenance on your forklift. But did you know that it also can pay you real, actual dollars?

It’s true. Following your forklift manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, keeping your vehicle in good repair, and treating it with care while operating it within your business can add to your business’s bottom line. Here’s how.

Earning Money through Forklift Maintenance

Obviously, nobody is going to pay you money to maintain a forklift (unless you are a forklift mechanic, of course). But when your lift truck is properly maintained, you are less likely to spend money on repairs and unnecessary operating expenses like extra gas. And that’s money you can use elsewhere within your business.

Ignoring or delaying minor service issues will only cause small problems to become bigger headaches. They could even lead to giant repair bills or a shortened life expectancy for your vehicle. By frequently inspecting your vehicle for problems and maintaining a regular maintenance schedule, you can keep your vehicle running smoothly and problem-free.

More Productivity, More Profits

It’s a simple business axiom: The more productive you are, the more profitable your business can become. So keeping your forklift in good operating repair so that it can add to your organization’s productivity and efficiency is simply good for your bottom line.

Ensure your forklift drivers are operating their vehicles safely so that you can reduce the risk of accidents. A single forklift accident can lead to lost production, damaged property, and even personal injury — all of which can cost your business real money.

By supervising operators and enforcing workplace safety rules, you can keep people and property safe and avoid spending money on unproductive things like lawsuits or repairing damaged property.

Insurance Benefits

Forklifts that aren’t properly maintained can break down or even fail in the middle of a big job, another potential cause of an accident. But when you keep up with your maintenance, you can eliminate risk while enhancing workplace efficiency.

When you don’t have accidents or make claims against your business insurance policy, your premiums eventually will go down. Similarly, if there aren’t injury-related workmen’s compensation claims against your business because you are doing what you are supposed to do with your forklift, you pay less.

That’s real money that goes directly to your business’s bottom line. So if you want to improve profits while enhancing workplace safety, all you need to do is care for your forklift the way its manufacturer recommends.

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